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BAX® System SalQuant

A Method to Quantify Salmonella

In addition to knowing if Salmonella is present, Hygiena is pioneering diagnostics with the ability to quantify Salmonella at critical control points using BAX® Q7 and our BAX® System Real-Time Salmonella Assay.

This data is used to monitor levels of Salmonella and identify changes over time, enabling plant managers to utilize data to track Salmonella problem areas for rapid corrective action.


BAX® System Q7

BAX® System Real-Time Salmonella PCR Assay


BAX Q7 Real Time Salmonella Assay


safety chain SalQuant Webinar David Luedeke


In this Webinar:

  • Why SalQuant, a more cost-effective, real-time PCR quantification method is quickly replacing old-school MPN’s and culture methods
  • New ways leading poultry processors are using statistics to increase confidence in food safety decisions
  • How to conduct quantitative bio mapping assessments cost-effectively
  • Tips to shorten response times to Salmonella and CCP failures, from the identification of problems to corrective actions
  • How to get actionable production and food safety data, quicker, to improve throughput, and yield




SalQuant vs MPN

BAX® System SalQuant is used to monitor levels of Salmonella and identify changes over time and provides same day actionable results.

This method provides a more accurate and precise estimation of Salmonella when compared to Most Probable Number (MPN) methods, which don't quantify levels of bacteria and can't determine where contamination may be located.


PRD IMG 2003 REV A Sal Quant Graph

Pinpoint Salmonella Problem Areas

Quantifying Salmonella at critical control points helps identify the source of contamination at any step of production.


PRD IMG 2000 REV A Sal Quant Live

Use of SalQuant

Slaughter order

Live side intervention adjustment

Verification of intervention efficacy



Example Sample Types

Boot Socks & Ceca


Enrichment Times

Approximately 12 hours




PRD IMG 2001 REV A Sal Quant Processing

Use of SalQuant

Verification of intervention efficacy

Pathogen mapping

Adjustment of interventions

Line speed statistical verification


Example Sample Types

Rinsates (whole bird, parts, wings) and swabs


Enrichment Times

Approximately 6 hours



PRD IMG 2002 REV A Sal Quant Production

Use of SalQuant

Diversion decisions and

final verification of intervention efficacy




Example Sample Types

Ground, whole bird, and part rinsates


Enrichment Times

Approximately 6-8 hours



Over 15,000 samples ran to date on various matrices to generate curves

Developed curves for Matrices:  


  • Boot swabs
  • Ceca
  • Whole viscera packs
  • Whole bird rinsates
  • Parts rinsates
  • Chicken skin

  • Ground chicken
  • Ground turkey



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