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Let's get started.

Get to know all of EnSURE™ Touch's features in this quick start video guide.


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Everything you need. On one screen.


EnSURE™ Touch's responsive, shatter-proof touchscreen design puts all the functionality and features of Hygiena's ATP Monitoring Systems at your fingertips. In just a few touches you can:


  • Run a quick test
  • Add and edit users
  • Search though plans, locations, and users
  • Perform a calibration check
  • Run a re-test
  • Sync to SureTrend Cloud
  • Change screen and battery settings
  • Connect to Wifi
  • Share your screen with Hygiena Technical Support
  • View trend analysis and reports
  • Display results in competitor RLU limits


Add more data to your results

Advanced settings allow EnSURE™ Touch users to add valuable data such as room number, cleaning personnel, and cleaning products used to each test which provides greater insight when evaluating processes, performance, and personnel.



Easy access read chamber makes cleaning easy.

One of the unique design features of EnSURE™ Touch is the ability to easily access the read chamber for cleaning. Hygiena instruments are some of the only systems that have this important design feature. With all luminometers, if used correctly, no contamination should enter the read chamber. However, user error and the environment in which systems are used makes a contaminated read chamber common.

Other manufacturers require you to ship your system back if the read chamber becomes contaminated. This results in costly repairs and delays your testing until the machine is returned. Hygiena systems are designed so you can clean the read chamber yourself so downtime is minimized and costs are averted.

ET Chamber 3 web



Tough outer shell.

EnSURE™ Touch's durable outer shell and 5" shatter-proof screen are meant to last. The shatter-proof screen resists scratches and the robust outer shell is sturdy to withstand the shock of minor drops and years of use.

EnSureTouch stand out 2 no shadow scaled

Smart battery management features.

EnSURE™ Touch runs on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack that offers long battery life and rapid charging via USB-C. EnSURE™ Touch also features smart battery management features like screen brightness adjustment, screen, timeout, and daily auto shut down options, all geared towards maximizing your time testing, and limiting your time charging.







Designed for one-handed use.

Even when you already have your hands full, the sleek design of EnSURE™ Touch makes scrolling and selecting test locations a breeze. EnSURE™ Touch is operable with one hand, making your life that much easier.


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