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Hygiena Comparison to Kikkoman Luminometers

It’s easy to compare and switch.

Changing from one system to another can sometimes be time-consuming and costly – not with Hygiena! We make the process easy, quick, and free. This page will provide the information you need to compare Kikkoman systems such as the LuciPac A3, PD-30, PD-20, and PD-10 to Hygiena’s EnSURE™ or SystemSURE Plus systems and walk you through the process of switching. Thousands of companies around the globe have switched to Hygiena for a better performing, more cost-effective system.

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Kikkoman compared to Hyiena

More bang for your buck.

Hygiena’s advanced device design and liquid-stable chemistry offer greater sensitivity than Kikkoman LuciPac Pen test devices, enabling you to detect even lower levels of contamination.

Compare Kikkoman Hygiena accuracy

Realistic results.

Our patented device design ensures superior sample recovery and accurate ATP measurements. Why is this important? Inferior sample recovery means the sample will be lost, diluted, or contaminated, leading to inaccurate testing results and an inaccurate understanding of surface cleanliness. Since the LuciPac Pen is supplied dry, the instructions for use require the swab to be wet “running under tap water” before sample collection and testing in the Kikkoman Lumitester. The use of tap water will potentially contaminate the sample collection swab and is also not ideal for collecting and sampling ATP. See the data for yourself.

graph accuracy Hygiena vs Kikkoman

Consistency is key.

Switch to Hygiena and drastically reduce variability from test to test. Hygiena’s system demonstrates superior performance and consistency over the Kikkoman LuciPac System

Graph Kikkoman and Hygiena Repeatability

Compare features side by side.

Superior sensitivity, ease-of-use, excellent customer service, comprehensive training, and affordability make Hygiena’s systems globally-preferred by the largest and smallest food and beverage processors. See how Hygiena compares to other systems out there.

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Trade Up, save up.

Hygiena’s Trade Up Program allows you to trade in your Kikkoman LuciPac A3, Lumitester PD-30, PD-20, or PD-10  system for a brand new Hygiena luminometer, so you can save up to 50% on testing costs. Unlike other monitoring systems, there’s no scheduled yearly maintenance and calibration necessary for our meter. Learn more here.

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Kikkoman compared to Hyiena

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