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Hygiena Comparison to BioControl Luminometers

It’s easy to compare and switch.

Changing from one system to another can sometimes be time-consuming and costly – not with Hygiena! We make the process easy, quick, and free. This page will provide the information you need to compare BioControl Systems Lightning MVP™ or MPV Icon™ systems to Hygiena’s EnSURE or SystemSURE Plus systems, and walk you through the process of switching. Thousands of companies around the globe have switched to Hygiena for a better performing, more cost-effective system.

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More bang for your buck.

Hygiena’s advanced device design and liquid-stable chemistry offer greater sensitivity than other test devices, enabling you to detect even lower levels of ATP.

Realistic results.

Our patented device design ensures superior sample recovery and accurate ATP measurements. Why is this important? Inferior sample recovery means the sample will most likely be lost or diluted in the activation and mixing process, leading users to believe a surface is cleaner than it truly is. See the data for yourself. Request a copy of the study.

Consistency is key.

Switch to Hygiena and drastically reduce variability from test to test. In a third-party study by a food and beverage laboratory, Hygiena demonstrated superior performance and consistency over other manufacturers’ devices. Request a copy of the study.

Graph BioCrontrol and Hygiena Repeatability

Compare features side by side.

Superior sensitivity, ease-of-use, excellent customer service, comprehensive training, and affordability make Hygiena’s systems globally-preferred by the largest and smallest food and beverage processors. See how Hygiena compares to other systems out there.

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Trade Up, save up.

Hygiena’s Trade Up Program allows you to trade in your BioControl system for a brand new Hygiena luminometer, so you can save up to 50% on testing costs. Unlike other monitoring systems, there’s no scheduled yearly maintenance and calibration necessary for our meter. Learn more here.

Compare with a Side by Side Comparison Kit.

Running an objective side by side comparison is critical to evaluating a new system. To make this process easier for you, Hygiena provides a simple kit with all the materials to compare two systems. Side by Side Comparison Kits include 3 vials of liquid ATP at 3 different levels (20, 200, and 2,000 femtomoles), a 10 µL pipette, 50 pipette tips, and detailed instructions for running the side by side comparison. Learn more.

RLU conversions, simplified.

No ATP systems measure on the same scale. Though Hygiena and BioControl systems are measuring the same thing, (ATP), they quantify ATP on different scales. Imagine the two sides of a ruler – one side is in inches, one side is in centimeters, but both measure the same length. The same concept applies when comparing relative light units or zones on two different systems.

All ATP systems measure femtomoles of ATP (1×10-15 moles). Hygiena keeps it simple: 1 femtomole of ATP equals 1 RLU. On BioControl’s systems, 1 femtomole of ATP equals approximately 400 RLU.* Many BioControl users display results in Zones, which categorize RLU results into groups. Use the conversion tool below to convert RLU values among various system configurations.

Select your instrument
Lower RLU limit
Upper RLU limit

* The table is based on Hygiena’s experience with customer conversions and the suggested levels are a starting point guide for implementation. Data should be reviewed regularly over time to ensure the selected upper and lower levels are an accurate representation of the cleaning regimes being verified. Doing this will enable appropriate corrective and preventative action to be undertaken as required.

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