Positive Control Kit

The Positive Control Kit validates the efficacy and stability of Hygiena®M ATP test devices. The kit includes known amounts of ATP and sugars to validate test device performance. Positive Control vials must be refrigerated.

Positive Control Kit

Key Benefits

No Lab Equipment Needed

No Sample Prep Needed

Supports GMP Program

Support GMP and Provide Peace of Mind

The Hygiena Positive Control kit for UltraSnap®, SuperSnap®, and SpotCheck contains 25 glass vials of 5×10-13 moles off lyophilized ATP and sugar. It’s the perfect companion to validate testing to support GMP efforts or to troubleshoot concerns over product storage temperatures and provides peace of mind within your standard operating procedures. Best of all, it’s simple to use… no sample preparation or lab equipment needed.

Proven Performance

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How to Use

How to Use Positive Control Kit