Zearalenone is a potent non-steroidal estrogenic metabolite produced by several fungal genera, specifically Gibberella and Fusarium.  Some of the more common adverse effects from zearalenone include breeding problems and infertility in farm animals, with female swine being the most susceptible to these estrogenic effects. Zearalenone is frequently found in cereal crops, including maize, barley, oats, wheat, rice, and sorghum.  Due to the wide range of commodities zearalenone can be detected in, analytical methods such as ELISA are a useful means to provide rapid screening and identification of samples containing high levels of zearalenone. The Helica™ Zearalenone Low Matrix ELISA is a competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay intended for the quantitative detection of zearalenone in cereal crops, such as maize, barley, oats, wheat, rice, bread, and animal feeds.


Key Benefits

Helica Zearalenone Low Matrix ELISA allows users a cost-effective & user-friendly way to rapidly test for Zearalenone in a wide range of validated commodities.

 Cost Effective

Break Away Wells for Low Volume Testing

 Simple Test Process

 Highly Sensitive


Breakaway Wells Allow For Low Volume Testing

Need to run a smaller testing run? Our Zearalenone Low Matrix ELISA has breakaway wells so there is no need to run all 96 wells through the testing process at a time.

Mycotoxin Testing Made Easy

No clean up columns needed
Helica™ Zearalenone Low Matrix ELISA kit does not require clean up columns which saves time during the testing process and minimizes the number of extra products needed to run each ELISA test.

Easy Extraction
A simple extraction process to prepare a sample before each test run. Grind your sample, mix with an extraction solution, dilute, and filter – your test is ready to run.

Flexible Volumes
Flexible volumes for reagents and solutions to help you meet your testing needs.

Highly Sensitive & Specific

Helica™ Zearalenone Low Matrix ELISA is highly sensitive and specific to the mycotoxin each kit is designed to detect. The Helica™ Zearalenone Low Matrix ELISA can detect down to as little as 5 ppb of Zearalenone with no cross-reactivity to other toxins that may be found in each commodity that is being tested.

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