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Food Service Allergen Prevention 

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Broad Range Allergen Screening


AllerSnap is an easy-to-use, quick and affordable test for verifying allergens have been removed from surfaces. By detecting all protein residues, AllerSnap screens for a broad range of allergens. This saves time and eliminates additional costs associated with running specific allergen tests.  



• Shrimp
• Wheat 
• Peanut Butter
• Egg Whites 
• Milk Powder 
• Soy
• Almonds 
• Sesame



Key Features:

• Self-contained test
• Colorimetric results
• Easy-to-use
• Results in 15 minutes
• Cost effective
• Incubation required




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High Sensitivity ATP for Allergen Prevention

Food service environments require very quick product changeovers from allergen to non-allergen products. In these cases, SuperSnap ATP surface tests used with the EnSURE luminometer can be used to verify surface hygiene. This highly sensitive ATP system identifies residues containing allergen proteins at levels similar to specific allergen tests in 15 seconds. By incorporating SuperSnap into a prevention program, risks and issues are recognized in real time and immediate corrective action and preventative measures can be implemented. Learn more about SuperSnap...

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