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EndoSwab sample collection device is used in conjunction with UltraSnapTM Surface ATP Test. It features a foam tip attached to a long wand, which is used to collect test samples from the main endoscope channel. After sampling, the foam tip is cut off the wand and aseptically added to the ATP test device and processed on a HygienaTM luminometer. The resulting RLU indicates whether the internal channel was cleaned effectively.


Key Benefits

Results in 15 Seconds

Individually Bagged for Single Use

Clinically Clean Packaging

Wand Length 2.4 M (7’10”)

3 mm Absorbent Sponge

A Complete Endoscope Cleaning Verification System

In addition to using the Hygiena™ EndoSwab to verify cleaning of internal channels, we offer several other products to complete your endoscope cleaning verification process. UltraSnapTM Surface ATP Test can be used to verify the cleaning of the external surface, and AquaSnapTM Free and AquaSnapTM Total can be used to verify cleaning using sterile flush water from CIP processes. For more information, contact Hygiena™ or visit the Ruhof website for a complete line of surgical instrument cleaning products.

Hygiena is a proud partner of Ruhof Corporation.

Hygiena™ proudly distributes Ruhof endoscope swab sampling devices to its healthcare customers. For additional endoscope reprocessing products such as additional swab sizes, brushes, enzymatic detergents, and more, please contact Ruhof directly via www.ruhof.com or by calling 1 (800) 537-6483.

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How to Use

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