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HygienaUltraSnap™ Surface ATP test receives AOAC® validation, compares to other certified methods 

The UltraSnap™ Surface ATP Test, used with the EnSURE™ Monitoring System, was recently given a Performance Tested MethodSM certification from the AOAC® Research Institute. A comparison with the Neogen AccuPoint™ Advanced ATP Hygiena Monitoring System shows that the UltraSnap system is about 10 times more sensitive and provides significantly more consistent results. Learn more from our technical bulletin here.

Hygiena announced the AOAC Research Institute, one of the world’s most recognizable product certification organizations, has issued its Performance Tested Method certificate to the UltraSnap™ Surface ATP Test for identifying the possible presence of microbial contamination.

As required for AOAC-RI certification, Hygiena used a third-party laboratory to test the results of UltraSnap on stainless steel surfaces in five food matrices, essentially reproducing a food processing facility.

The test results showed very low limits of detection (down to 0.77 relative light units {RLU}, the measure generated by ATP-based luminometers). The results also showed that UltraSnap was able to detect ATP from surface soiled by food and beverages, at dilutions of 1:1,000 or lower. The UltraSnap was shown to be highly selective for ATP, stable and consistent, and to have no statistically significant variability.

The validation marks the first of Hygiena’s ATP-based test products, and only the second ATP monitoring device, to receive an AOAC certification.
“We are delighted that the most used ATP system around the world has been verified and validated for its accuracy and sensitivity by the AOAC,” said Steven Nason, Chief Executive Officer of Hygiena. “This validation is helpful for certain customers and government bodies around the world and validates the claims we have been making on the system for years. ATP testing is the fastest and most effective way for food processing facilities to determine cleanliness levels and accurately identify areas that need attention before food is processed which helps keep our food supply safer.”

The AOAC Performance Tested Methods (PTM) program began in 1992 and has evolved into a premier method certification program for proprietary methods. Methods certified as Performance TestedSM were found to perform according to the manufacturer’s documented claims and are used throughout the global marketplace and within the regulatory arena. The PTM program offers certification as an endpoint for method evaluation or as an entry to method validation for programs requiring increased confidence and method reproducibility information. PTM certification includes licensing the method developer to use the Performance TestedSM certification mark.

NBC "Today" uses Hygiena products, shows the dirty side of airports, airplanes

Oct. 3, 2018 -- How dirty is an airport? Where could microbes lurk on a passenger plane? Reporter Jeff Rossen of NBC's "Today" Show used Hygiena's SystemSURE luminometer to examine TSA security bins, airport bathrooms, airplane seatback trays, and more.

You can watch the video here

NBC "Today" Show Brings Hygiena to the Gym

(18 January 2018) --Your gym workout may expose you to unwanted bacteria, according to a recent story on the NBC “Today” Show. The morning program used Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus Cleaning Verification System and UltraSnap™ Surface ATP Tests to measure cleanliness levels on popular gym equipment, including weights, mats, and treadmills. To learn the results and see how you can protect yourself, watch the video.

Click the here to watch the video

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