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Innovate System US & Canada Technical Support

Rapid microbial screening is easy to adopt and a smart strategy for dairy, beverage, and good companies. Our network of representatives and distribution partners around the world are ready to support you and to make your implementation and validation process run smoothly. Support options include:

  1. Instrument and software installation qualification and operation qualification (IQ/OQ)
  2. A step-by-step evaluation guide
  3. Three days of on-site, in-person instruction for you and your lab staff, including the initiation of validation
US Technical Support Specialists
West Central Midwest & South Southwest East
Celina To
C: 415-694-8989
Casey Simmons
C: 720-810-2280
Adam Barnes
C: 608-354-4135
April Englishbey
C: 713-702-9425
Andrew Mason
C: 814-694-3275


CANADA Sales & Support Specialists  
West  East
Jennifer Poirier
C: 403-681-1418
Sam Lacoche
C: 514-705-7250

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