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Indicator Organism Tests




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The new MicroSnap platform bridges the time gap between ATP and bacterial culture results with convenient, 8-hour or less tests for E. coli, Coliform, Enterobacteriaceae and TVC. Additionally, a test for Listeria species is in development. MicroSnap tests are read by the EnSURE monitoring system and results are recorded with SureTrend software. EnSURE measures both ATP monitoring and organisms tests, enabling processors to acquire an accurate status of plant hygiene and product quality during the same working day or shift. Knowing test results sooner prevents recalls, reduces waste, shortens hold time, and enables a quicker response when contamination issues arise.

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MicroSnap Listeria spp.


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InSite Listeria detect the presence of Listeria species in a simple color-changing swab. The only equipment you need is an incubator.

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