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MicroSnap™ Total delivers same-day TVC test results, giving you the advantage of knowing microbial levels on the same day samples are collected. The test uses a novel bioluminogenic test reaction that generates light when enzymes that are characteristic of viable bacteria react with substrates to produce light. The light generating signal is then quantified with the EnSURE™ luminometer. MicroSnap Total's same-day results enable you to take corrective actions faster or release products sooner. AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method # 031501.


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Rapid results where you need them most.




Raw Material Tests

Screen for microbiological contamination before materials go into processing.


Plant Environmental Monitoring

Test environmental surfaces and equipment for same-day bacterial results of plant hygiene.


Finished Product Testing

Verify microorganism levels sooner for quicker release and better quality assurance.




A new light on microbial detection.

MicroSnap is a rapid bioluminogenic test method for the detection and enumeration of bacteria, giving actionable, same-day test results. The MicroSnap test platform consists of an Enrichment Device containing a specific growth medium and a Detection Device containing a bioluminogenic (light-producing) substrate. When MicroSnap detects the specific microorganism, light is emitted and measured with Hygiena’s EnSURE luminometer. Results are stored and tracked with Hygiena’s complimentary SureTrend software for further data analysis and trending.

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No more counting colonies. 

Colony Forming Units 

Traditional plating methods utilize colony counting techniques to determine CFU levels. MicroSnap technology derives equivalent CFU values using light detection.


Relative Light Units

EnSURE displays measurements in relative light units (RLU’s). The RLU number is correlated to colony forming units (CFU’s).


Same-shift results.



Enumeration Results

The entire MicroSnap Total process is complete in the same day.

Sample is collected and enriched at the beginning of the shift and incubated provinding same-day results. 


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Microbiology in a Snap.

MicroSnap's efficient design makes microorganism testing easier than ever. Each device's patented Snap-Valve™ holds a precise amount of specific enrichment broth, ready to be used for either product or surface samples. Within the enrichment device is a built-in pipette, enabling convenient and efficient transfer of enriched sample to the detection device. 


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Additional Benefits 


Reduce Materials

Eliminate Lab Costs

Reduce Inventory Costs


No serial dilutions to make.


Fewer replicates required.


Reduce lab fees.


No expensive overnight shipping.


Shorter product hold time.


Less inventory in warehouse.



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  • Pass / Fail result at required detection levels are easy to understand
  • Equivalent results to other culturing methods
  • No specific sample preparation required
  • SureTrend software tracks and trends results over time for easy data analysis
  • AOAC® Performance Tested Certificate No. 031501



  • Snap-Valve™ technology - snap & squeeze
  • Write-on swab label
  • For use with EnSURE luminometer

Catalog No.

Catalog No. Description Qty
MS1-TOTAL             Total Enrichment Device 100
MS2-TOTAL Total Detection Device 100
MS1-N-BROTH-9ML MicroSnap Enhanced Nutrient Broth (9mL) 100