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Animal Health

BioChek - A Hygiena® Company and Global Specialists in AH

BioChek’s innovative, user-friendly veterinary diagnostic tools and services consist of:

  • ELISA and PCR test kits for Poultry and Swine
  • Reference controls for ELISA and standards for PCR
  • User friendly BioChek Monitoring Software for easy data management and 24/7 access to completed results
  • Instruments: BioChek ELISA Assays Robot (BEAR) complete solution for running ELISA – RoboPrep high purity nucleic acid extraction robot – and real-time PCR cyclers
  • A biosecurity verification solution, VetAssure™
  • World-class optimum technical and customer support

BioChek - more than experts in Veterinary Diagnostics 

Infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, Gumboro, PCV2, PRRS… any Poultry and Swine farmer would rather do without these threats to the productivity of their animals and therefore, maximise business return. For every Poultry and Swine farmer, the health of the chicken flock or swine herd is the number one concern. This is something BioChek has supported since its formation in 1997. Our mission is to maximize Animal Health by partnering with Poultry and Swine vets and veterinary labs. BioChek utilises state-of-the art diagnostic products and systems to monitor and optimise the health of Poultry and Swine across the globe.

Smart Veterinary Diagnostics 

In addition to service, innovation is key to BioChek’s success. We have a modern research and development department, which without doubt deserves the innovative label. A department staffed by an expert R&D team that guarantees the design and development of smart veterinary diagnostics. These diagnostic tools are developed in conjunction with the wishes and requirements of Poultry and Swine vets, which is of paramount importance to their chances of success.

Furthermore, BioChek invests intensively in collaboration with veterinary professionals and producers of vaccines. This collaboration results in a varied but focussed product portfolio which fully meets the requirements of the vets, laboratory technicians and professional livestock farmers. Our production facility is ISO 9001 certified and as such, our products are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, which are often certified by, amongst others, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), among others.

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