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SureTrend Version 4 Training Series


Migrating from SureTrend 3 to SureTrend 4

Upgrading from SureTrend 3? Follow along to see how easy moving to SureTrend 4 can be! If you need any additional help, submit a support ticket here.


1: Installation and Unit Set-Up

Here's what you need to get started. 


 2: Adding Users

Tracking cleaning performance of sanitation personnel or crews is a great way to identify training opportunities and generate helpful, constructive reports for your staff. 


3: Creating Test Locations

Tip: Critical control points identified in a HACCP or HARPC plan provide a great starting point. Test locations should include food contact surfaces and other surfaces or equipment which could serve as a vector for contamination in the environment.


4: Making Test Plans

Test plans help you organize your monitoring program. Test plans can be organized by surface type, piece of equipment, manufacturing line, day of the week, etc.


5: Syncing Your Unit

Now that you've organized your users, locations, and plans, it's time to transfer all that data to your handheld instrument. Here's how!


6: Uploading Test Results to SureTrend

Ready to analyze your data? Upload your results from the meter to the software. It's easy!


7: Running Reports

Reports help you analyze your collected data so you can quickly identify trends, drill down on contamination issues, and produce reports for record-keeping. See how easy running, customizing, and sharing reports is in this final video.


For further assistance or personalized training, please contact Technical Support.