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Allergen Cleaning Validation and Verification

Validation is the process of gathering evidence to prove that a cleaning regime can effectively and repeatedly remove allergen soils. It is ideally carried out prior to implementation of the regime, essentially to demonstrate that the cleaning objectives have been met. Verification, on the other hand, proves that the validated allergen cleaning regime was performed correctly and remains effective, which is why it is carried out on an ongoing basis.

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Allergen Cleaning as a Control

How clean do you want your equipment to be after cleaning? Do you want it to remove all detectable allergenic residue or do you simply want your equipment to be visually clean? After having carried out a thorough risk assessment review throughout the entire manufacturing process, the next step is to choose the right methods to effectively carry out your allergen cleaning regime.

Typical Allergen Management Controls

An allergen management plan is an organization’s formal documented plan, describing all the controls and processes that should be in place in order to be able to manage allergens, from start to finish. Typically, allergens need to be controlled at multiple stages of manufacturing: from ordering and receiving ingoing ingredients through to final product packing.

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What Are Allergies And Why Do They Need To Be Controlled?

Food allergies are abnormal hypersensitivity reactions to an otherwise harmless protein in food. They are a growing global public health concern, which can occasionally even lead to death. Likewise, food intolerances such as glucose intolerance can include a broad spectrum of reactions. Then there are illnesses such as coeliac disease – a lifelong autoimmune systemic disorder triggered by gluten found in barley, rye and wheat.

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Identifying Sources and Root Causes of Food Hazards – Part 2

No matter the type of food, it is essential to ensure food safety and quality at all levels and in all areas involved in the manufacturing and packaging processes.

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