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Have you Heard about Hygiena PCR Brands and Product Line Extension?

Hygiena PCR Brands got your needs covered for the detection of GMOs, spoilage organisms, allergens, animal health pathogens, viruses, water safety concerns, identification of animal species and of course, testing for pathogens.

Allergen Cross-Contamination: Risks and Prevention, Part I

Worldwide, allergens are the primary culprit behind food product recalls, and there has been a dramatic increase in these events over the last several years.

Allergen Cross-Contamination: Risks and Prevention, Part II

Establish monitoring procedures, establish corrective actions, establish verifications procedures to limit allergen cross-contamination and prevent allergen risk in your facility.

The Current Crisis: Vegetable Oils

Oil is an essential good, due to its different uses, either for cooking food or as a dressing for meals and it offers beneficial properties for health. Today, it is a more precious asset due to the scarcity of some oils; we will delve into the subject later.

Why Do We Love Crunchy Foods?

How can they test the frying oil quickly and easily? With OleoTest - a fast and easy-to-use method that determines the degree of alteration of the oil and can be used by the staff of hotel, restaurant and catering establishments to ensure that the oil is still suitable for use. In less than two minutes, OleoTest will provide results, identifying the percentage of polar compounds that the oil contains and if it is time to change it.

Principle Cleaning Services Keeps a Prestigious Research Institute Running During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Because the research institute has many scientists working to stay safe while researching the virus, it was vital to keep surfaces as clean as possible, generating the lowest RLU values. Principle also demonstrated how the data from the EnSURE™ Touch and UltraSnap™ devices helped validate that cleaning worked – moving forward, they can show any client proactively how clean a surface really is.

Hygiena Announces Addition of Allergen-testing App to its Industry-Leading Cleaning Verification and Environmental Monitoring System – EnSURE Touch

Press Release - The Allergen App on the EnSURE Touch consolidates allergen testing results into a cloud-based environmental monitoring tool for deeper insight into process control, contamination sources, trend analyses and audit preparation.

Holistic Hygiene: Integrated Environmental & Allergen Monitoring – A New Global Food Safety Standard

Review of the best practice environmental monitoring and allergen detection methods along with the tool to efficiently harmonize the two: SureTrend Cloud. This seamless approach to comprehensive data integrity elevates good hygiene practices to a new global standard.

Total Protein Indicators

Total protein indicators or total protein swabs are designed to detect protein on equipment surfaces. They cannot discriminate between allergenic and non-allergenic proteins, but the rationale is, if a surface is protein-free, it is reasonable to infer that it will also be allergen-free. The swabs are easy to use, sensitive, cost-effective and practical if you are controlling multiple allergens.

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