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The Rise of Data Digitization in Food Safety

Digitization of food safety data is becoming increasingly important in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world. With the rise of e-commerce and online food delivery, the need for effective food safety data management is more critical than ever.

FSIS Takes Action Against Salmonella: How Hygiena Can Help

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the USDA has proposed a new regulation that would declare Salmonella as an adulterant at 1 CFU/g in raw breaded stuffed chicken products in order to reduce the risk of foodborne illness linked to poultry products. Hygiena offers a solution to assist the poultry industry in complying with these new regulations.

Pioneering Poultry Food Safety Resources

Hygiena has gathered many poultry food safety resources across environmental monitoring, indicator testing, software solutions, and PCR detection, identification, and quantification to support the poultry industry for continued improvements in holistic food safety programs.

Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Curve: Safeguard Infant Formula Production

Recent recalls of Infant Formula due to Cronobacter contaminations remind us again of the importance of food safety. Producers take a lot of effort and precautions to ensure high-quality products and diagnostics tools play an important role in their work. Learn how Hygiena safeguards infant formula production with a complete portfolio of product quality and environmental monitoring solutions.

Everything You Need to Know About the FSIS Regulatory Framework for Poultry

FSIS proposed regulatory framework for the poultry industry explained! Learn how Hygiena solutions fulfill the framework components to support the development of food safety programs using pathogen quantification, process control from flock to final product, and data management using online statistical process control tools with SureTrend Cloud software.

Explained by Experts: Top 5 Tips for Quantification You Need to Know

Welcome to the first series "Explained by Experts" with MDx Global Product Manager, April Englishbey. Let’s jump right in and learn about quantification.“I've been on board for quantification and commercially launched the first quantification method (or kit) being SalQuant, and have been along for the whole ride. So, I wanted to share some experiences and attributes as a customer, what you should be looking for to ask your vendor about quantification."

Have you Heard about Hygiena PCR Brands and Product Line Extension?

Hygiena PCR Brands got your needs covered for the detection of GMOs, spoilage organisms, allergens, animal health pathogens, viruses, water safety concerns, identification of animal species and of course, testing for pathogens.

Food Safety Newsletter Recap

Did you know the PCR Pioneer Newsletter is celebrating one year of content? We curated all of the content into an accessible newsletter recap to help you educate your team, compare methods, and decide on solutions for Service and Support, Automation & Quantification, Environmental Monitoring Programs, Industry-Specific Solutions for Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Dairy, Produce, and Cannabis.

What are Lab Techs Stressed out About: A Story for Lab Automation

Automating simple lab tasks like filling lysis buffer and BHI regrowth tubes can reduce the mental strain seen when doing repetitive and monotonous activities that can lead to human error and unknown mistakes. Labs can gain a 2- to 3-fold improvement in precision and reduce labor costs 2-fold by automating a process.

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