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Trade-up Program: Switch systems and save.

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Thousands of customers have switched to Hygiena’s monitoring systems and saved up to 50% on testing costs. By drastically reducing the cost of testing, companies have the option of increasing testing without adding costs or reducing testing costs without sacrificing quality.

See the difference: compare systems side by side.

How does your system compare? Click on your system below to get side by side comparison details.

Conversion is easy!

Use our helpful conversion tool below to quickly convert RLU values between systems.

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Lower RLU limit
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Conversion is approximate due to natural sample variation in test-to-test results and user variability. Approximation is based on years of experience successfully converting users to Hygiena systems.

Trade up and save up!

Trade up a non-Hygiena luminometer for a new Hygiena luminometer at a discounted price! Or—depending on your monthly test device usage—see if you qualify for our 1-for-1 exchange. Learn more about Hygiena’s monitoring systems here.

*Trade Up is available in select markets only. Companies that qualify for the Trade Up program typically use at least 100 test devices per month. Larger users may qualify for 2-for-1 trade-up. 

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