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Hygiena® Comparison to Neogen Luminometers

Discover Hygiena's comparison with Neogen luminometers, showcasing the EnSURE® Monitoring System's advanced ATP sanitation monitoring capabilities. Learn about Hygiena's superior sensitivity, reliability, and global preference, and understand the benefits of switching to their system. Explore the detailed comparison and customer experiences.

Compare System Performance

In this controlled side by side study, we compare the Neogen™ Accupoint Advanced to Hygiena’s EnSURE® Monitoring System. See for yourself why thousands of food processors trust Hygiena for their sanitation monitoring programs. Contact Hygiena for the complete study, or for instructions on running your own side by side trial.

Side by Side Comparison
Compare and Switch

It’s Easy To Compare and Switch

Changing from one ATP monitoring system to another can sometimes be time-consuming and costly – not with Hygiena! We make the process easy, quick, and free. This page will provide the information you need to compare Neogen ATP sanitation monitoring systems to Hygiena’s EnSURE or SystemSURE Plus systems and walk you through the process of switching. Thousands of companies around the globe have switched to Hygiena for a better-performing, more cost-effective system.


More Bang for your buck

Hygiena’s advanced device design and liquid-stable chemistry offer greater sensitivity than Neogen test devices, enabling you to detect even lower levels of ATP.


Consistency Is Key

Switch to Hygiena and drastically reduce variability from test to test. In a third-party study by a food and beverage laboratory, Hygiena demonstrated superior performance and consistency over other manufacturers’ ATP hygiene monitoring devices. Request a copy of the study.

Compare Features

Compare Features Side By Side

Superior sensitivity, ease-of-use, excellent customer service, comprehensive training, and affordability make Hygiena’s ATP systems globally-preferred by food and beverage processors of all sizes. See how Hygiena compares to other systems out there.

RLU Conversions, Simplified

No ATP systems measure on the same scale. Though Hygiena and Neogen systems are measuring the same thing, (ATP), they quantify ATP on different scales. Imagine the two sides of a ruler – one side is in inches, one side is in centimeters, but both measure the same length. The same concept applies when comparing relative light units (RLUs) on two different systems.

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