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Hygiena Australia is Your Local Partner for Your Food Quality and Safety Needs

Hygiena Australia is your local partner in providing cutting-edge hygiene and food safety solutions that ensure safety and quality in every step of your production process. From farm to fork, our technology empowers businesses to deliver the freshest, safest, and highest quality products to all Australians.

Hygiena is now selling direct in Australia to serve our customers better. 
We are excited to partner directly with you and your business. 
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The Gold Standard in Food Safety

In food safety, Hygiena symbolizes precision and trust. Offering cutting-edge, user-friendly solutions, they guard against contaminants, ensuring top consumer protection. Choosing Hygiena isn't just product selection; it's a pledge to high safety standards. As food challenges evolve, Hygiena remains a dedicated, reliable partner prioritizing consumer well-being.

Our Testing Solutions for Australia’s Industries

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Our Team

Hygiena's Australia team, a group of dedicated professionals, combines deep technical expertise with a personal touch. Their commitment to microbial safety and customer relationships makes them a trusted partner across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Australia Team Member Gary Boniface
Gary Boniface
Oceania Business Unit Manager

Gary has a long ANZ food safety career, working for major industry companies.

Australia Team Member Jason Gobell
Jason Gobell
Key Account Manager

Jason, a microbiologist, excels in labs and commerce with a customer-first career approach.

Australia Team Member Chi Zhang
Chi Zhang
Key Account Manager

Chi has years of expertise in food safety, spanning technical and sales roles.

Australia Team Member Dr Uta Gasanov
Dr. Uta Gasanov
Tech. Applications Manager ANZ

Uta is a leading expert in Australia's food safety industry with years of experience.

Australia Team Member Jay Dickman
Jay Dickman
Operations Manager APAC

Jay has vast life sciences experience in Asia Pacific, holding key roles in major companies.

Our Location

Our office based in the inner southern suburbs of Sydney allows us to meet the growing needs of our customers in Australia. Being our operations hub it ensures that our Australian customers have direct and rapid access to our range of products that  help to improve food safety and quality. We are also able to partner with our customers to assist in training and verification through our on-site laboratory training facilities that also provide  a rapid response for repairs. Our dedicated sales, technical, customer service and operations staff are all available to ensure that we support you with our extensive range of solutions that support you to deliver safe and nutritious food to the Australian market.

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