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At Hygiena, we are passionate about creating innovative, best-in-class One Health DiagnosticsTM solutions that promote food safety throughout the value chain. Our cutting-edge molecular rapid tests and analysis tools for food safety, veterinary diagnostics, and hygiene monitoring have the power to prevent illness, save lives, and ultimately make the world a safer and healthier place for all.

Hygiena® delivers rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solutions to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, health care, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. Utilizing advanced technologies and patented designs, Hygiena provides industry-leading ATP monitoring systems, PCR-based foodborne pathogen detection, DNA fingerprint molecular characterization systems, allergen tests, environmental collection devices, and more. Hygiena is committed to providing customers with high-quality innovative technologies that are easy-to-use and reliable, backed by excellent customer service and support. Headquartered in Camarillo, California, with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, the United Kingdom, and China, and over 80 distributors in more than 100 countries worldwide, Hygiena products span the globe.

Our Mission: We create innovative Diagnostics for a healthier World

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Affiliate Offices

As a global leader in food safety solutions and One Health Diagnostics, we have affiliate offices worldwide to support you with your testing requirements. Our key affiliates in Brazil, South Africa, and Australia are ready to assist you today.

Hygiena History

With many years of experience in food safety solutions, Hygiena offers the solutions you need to ensure your product is free of microbial contamination and is safe to use.


BioChek Launch of BioChek B.V.


Launch of ORT ELISA.

Ross Breeders (now Aviagen) started using the "triple" kit (Mg/Ms/EDS).

Launch of BioChek software.


Launch of foodproof® Real-Time PCR Kits: Salmonella and Listeria.


Launch of foodproof® GMO screening and identification kits.


Hygiena® formed to provide rapid surface hygiene tests.

Launch of SnapShot Universal ATP test, SpotCheck Plus and PRO-Clean® color tests for product residues.


SystemSURE II ATP System with UltraSnap® introduced.

BioChek entered the swine diagnostic market.

Launch of foodproof® Beer Screening Kit (detection of more than 30 species in one single test).



BAX® System Q7 PCR instrument introduced.


SystemSURE Plus: Next generation ATP system.


InSite™ Listeria: Launch of new chromogenic bacteria test for Listeria spp.


Launch of foodproof® 5’ Nuclease kits.

Launch of foodproof® Enterobacteriaceae plus E. zakazaki Kit + Reagent D.

Hygiena Shanghai is established in Asia, Oceania.

BioChek: Avian Influenza Antibody Test Kit OIE-approved.


BioChek USA founded.

BIOTECON Diagnostics, founded in 1998, sets a world-wide distribution network.


Launch of automated food analysis system foodproof RoboPrep®.

BioChek: First USDA licensed product: Newcastle Disease Virus.


EnSURE® Monitoring System introduced as next generation of SystemSURE Plus® luminometer.

Launch of own software solution for automated PCR.

AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for foodproof® E. coli O157 Detection Kit.

AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for foodproof® Listeria monocytogenes Detection Kit.



MicroVal® approval for foodproof Salmonella.


AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for MicroSnap® Coliform and MicroSnap E. coli tests.


Launch of foodproof® STEC Identification Kit.

Launch of foodproof® Allergen kits.

Launch of AllerFlow Gluten test.

BioChek: Newcastle Disease Virus (NCV) OIE-approved.


Launch of BAX® System X5.

Launch of BioChek II software.

AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for MicroSnap® Total. 

InSite® Salmonella launched.


Launch of foodproof® Yeast & Mold Quantification LyoKit.


Hygiena Mexico and Hygiena Singapore are established.

Hygiena acquires BAX System and RiboPrinter® System.

BioChek South Africa is established.

Launch of RoboPrep® Fusion.

Launch of foodproof® Norovirus plus Hepatitis A Virus Detection Kit.

Launch of microproof® Legionella Quantification Kit.

Churchill Applied Biotechnology for cell culture viral antigen production.


Hygiena acquires Celsis Dairy, Food & Beverage division from Charles River.

Hygiena buys Biomedal to strengthen allergen portfolio.

Hygiena Canada and Hygiena Spain are established.

Hygiena acquires the InnovateTM Rapid Microbial Screening System.

Launch of vetproof® Salmonella veterinary kits.

Launch of foodproof® Spoilage Yeast kits.


SureTrend® software launched.

Hygiena acquires Helica Biosystems, Inc. to add Mycotoxin and immunoassay food safety tests.

Introduction of Dualo 32® Cycler.

AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for foodproof® Listeria monocytogenes Detection LyoKit.

BioChek Salmonella qPCR Reagents USDA APHIS NPIP approved.

PPRS Ab Test Kit launched.

Introduction of EnSURE® Touch instrument.



EW Group (BioChek Int. Holding B.V.) acquires BIOTECON Diagnostics.

AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for foodproof® STEC Screening and Identification LyoKits.

Launch of InSITE® L. mono Glo screening test.


EW Group acquires Hygiena to form a leading food safety, veterinary and environmental diagnostics solutions company.

Hygiena brand expanded to include BioChek, and BIOTECON, integrating One Health DiagnosticsTM from "Farm to Fork."

Hygiena Italy is established. 

Autosampler III launched. 

Innovate System updated.

South Africa affiliate established.

2021 IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award for BAX® System SalQuant®.

NordVal approval for foodproof® Listeria LyoKit and Salmonella Genus plus Enteritidis and Typhimurium Detection LyoKit.

CE-IVD certificates for microproof® SARS CoV-2.



Prep Xpress liquid handling automation platform launched.

Hygiena France is established.

Hygiena Brazil is established.

foodproof® Animal Identification 2 LyoKit launched.

foodproof® Spoilage Yeast 3 Detection LyoKit launched.

VetAssure ATP Surface launched for biosecurity verification.

Launch of AlerTox® Sticks Milk, Peanut, Sesame, Soy Plus, and GlutenTox® ELISA G12 Competitive.

AOAC-RI PTMSM certification extension for MicroSnap Total on EnSURE Touch.

FGIS certification for Helica® DON ELISA.

AOAC-RI PTMSM approval for ZymoSnap.

Quantification Portfolio Expansion: SalQuant® ListeriaQuant VibrioQuant Quant Solution Quant Online.

Launch of RapiScreen Beverage Kit.

Autosampler III receives the 2022 Product of the Year award from Applied Microbiology International.

AOAC-RI PTMSM Extensions.

BAX Real-Time Salmonella Assay Extension for Cannabis Matrices.

BAX Real-Time STEC and E. coli O157:H7 Assays Extension for Cannabis Matrices.

SalQuant Application Extension for 7 Matrices.

Nordval Certifications: foodproof® Listeria + L. mono Detection LyoKit, foodproof® Salmonella SE/ST Detection LyoKit.

MicroVal Certification: foodproof® Enterobacteriaceae plus Salmonella Multiplex Detection Kit.


SalQuant® received patent.

RapiScreen Bev Kit and GlutenTox ELISA Rapid G12 kit received AOAC RI certifications.

Hygiena Australia is established.

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