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We commit to providing safety and unmatched quality in our dairy products and beverages, ensuring every consumer enjoys trusted and superior standards with every purchase.

Types of Solutions


Hygiene Monitoring Solutions

Our rigorous process ensures verification of cleanliness and essential quality indicators, guaranteeing the production of safe food and beverages, prioritizing consumer health and confidence in every bite and sip from our trusted brand.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

From the outset, our process ensures safe food by employing innovative technologies that swiftly detect microorganism indicators, guaranteeing safety and delivering same-day results for utmost confidence in our products.

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Allergen Control

Minimize cross-contamination risks in production using our comprehensive test suite, designed for both quantitative and qualitative allergen detection in environmental samples, and solid or liquid products, ensuring utmost product safety and integrity.

Product Quality Solutions - Microbial Screening

Utilize rapid detection microbiological tests to significantly reduce release times for dairy products and beverages packaged using UHT and ESL processes, ensuring swift, safe delivery and optimal quality in all our food and drink items.

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Product Quality Solution - Pasteurization Verification

For swift, precise outcomes, sidestep delays and extra resampling costs using the ZymoSnap solution. It's validated for milk, flavored milk, cream, and other pasteurized dairy matrices, ensuring reliable testing and cost efficiency.

Our Solutions

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