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Testing Solutions for Alicyclobacillus

Alicyclobacillus spp. are thermoacidophilic, spore-forming bacteria typically found in soil. Alicyclobacillus enter food production through dust or contaminated raw material such as fruit concentrates. The spores are heat-resistant and survive standard pasteurization procedures. Though non-pathogenic, their growth in the final product causes off-flavors by forming guaiacol or halogenated phenols. Our PCR solution enables the early detection of Alicyclobacillus and the identification of the most important species, A. acidoterrestris.  

Testing Solutions

Hygiena delivers rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solutions to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, health care, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. Utilizing advanced technologies and patented designs, Hygiena provides industry-leading spoilage organism detection solutions.

Alicyclobacillus Detection LyoKit
Targets: Alicyclobacillus spp., guaiacol-producing Alicyclobacillus
Product Number: KIT230151 (LP), KIT230152 (RP), KIT230153 (DP)
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