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Additional Reagents

Additional Reagents

Here you find additional reagents and components which complement foodproof® and microproof® extraction and PCR kits and enzyme tests.

Reagents for the DNA/RNA Extraction

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Reagents and components for DNA/RNA extraction and real-time PCR for an optimal and robust analysis.

BAX System Free DNA Box
BAX® System
Free DNA Cleanup Kit

The BAX® System Free DNA Cleanup Kit can be used to remove DNA not protected by living cells from food and environmental matrices. This easy to use kit removes all extraneous DNA, including DNA from dead cells and DNA residuals from bacteriophage interventions, and is designed for easy integration with the BAX® System method.

Product Number: KIT2041

Components for Real-Time PCR

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Additional components for foodproof® and microproof® Real-Time PCR kits.

Internal Amplification Control

The Internal Amplification Control is designed for use as an internal control template for colony confirmation protocols with certain foodproof and microproof real-time PCR LyoKits. Colony confirmation procedures with a shortened PCR cycler programs require the use of additional internal control DNA.

Product Number: KIT230015
Allergen RM 800

This reference material is used for the quantitative analysis of allergens in food samples. It contains celery, soy, peanut, hazelnut, walnut, sesame and gluten in a defined concentration of 800 mg/kg.

2 g
Product Number: KIT230009

Further products that are related to other product groups.

ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit.png

 ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit

ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit validates the performance of ZymoSnap ALP pasteurization verification test. It includes 5 vials of 350 mU/L ALP for positive control testing.