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Review the press releases that we have published over the years. 

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November 2023

Hygiena® Innovate™ RapiScreen™ Dairy and Beverage Kits Are the First to Achieve AOAC Certification for Entire Product Testing Workflow

November 2

Hygiena®, a global leader in rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solutions, is thrilled to announce that its Innovate™ RapiScreen™ Dairy and Beverage Kits are the first methods to be awarded the prestigious AOAC RI Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) Certification for the entire product testing workflow. This symbolizes a new pinnacle of excellence and reliability in rapid microbial screening solutions for the food and beverage industry.

September 2023

Hygiena® Announces the Opening of a New Branch in Australasia Region

September 19

Leading Food Safety Provider of Rapid Microbial Detection Solutions Deepens Commitment to ANZ with New Sydney Office Facilities

July 2023

Hygiena® Announces Issuance of a New US Patent for SalQuant®

July 7

Hygiena® has been granted a new US patent for SalQuant®, a tool designed for Salmonella quantification in One Health Diagnostics™ applications. The patent strengthens Hygiena's position in microorganism quantification and offers an efficient alternative to traditional methods. SalQuant® enables processors to measure Salmonella presence in a range of food types, enhancing sanitation and meeting regulatory and quality standards. The system offers rapid, reliable testing with increased accuracy, improving decision-making and productivity. Hygiena's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Patrice Chablain, and Vice President, Amanda Manolis, both express the company's commitment to developing innovative diagnostics for improving public and animal health.

May 2023

Hygiena® announces AOAC RI approval of BAX® System assays for detection of STEC and Salmonella from sampling cloths

May 16

AOAC RI PTM certification awarded to Hygiena’s BAX® System for the detection of STEC (Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli) and Salmonella from beef trim sampling cloths

April 2023

Hygiena® receives AOAC certification for GlutenTox® ELISA Rapid G12 Kit (PTM #042301)

April 28

AOAC RI PTM certification awarded to Hygiena, confirming performance claims of its kit in spiked food matrices (gluten free soy flour, corn bread, seasoning mix, rolled oats and evaporated milk) and incurred food (baked bread) with gluten from wheat, barley or rye flour

Hygiena® receives AOAC RI certification for its InSite® Salmonella test device

April 6

AOAC RI independent laboratory certification awarded to Hygiena, demonstrating the highest level of test performance in support of greater food safety

December 2022

Hygiena’s Innovate Autosampler III named Product of the Year at Applied Microbiology International Awards 2022

December 6

Hygiena's Innovate Autosampler III, an automated system designed to enhance product sampling efficiency, was named Product of the Year at the 2022 Applied Microbiology International Awards held in London. The Autosampler III is designed for Hygiena's Innovate Microbial Screening system, with the capacity to sample up to 2,000 items per hour and is able to handle any format of sample cartons. This high-capacity, user-friendly system streamlines lab efficiency and increases safety and operational productivity. The award celebrates outstanding contributions to the field of applied microbiology, recognizing Hygiena's mission to provide best-in-class diagnostic solutions.

November 2022

Hygiena® Announces the Opening of a New Branch in Brazil

November 30

Hygiena®, a global leader in food safety diagnostics and animal health, is opening a new branch in São Paulo, Brazil, expanding its reach within the food and beverage industry. This expansion reflects the country's importance as a significant agricultural provider, servicing 10% of the world's population. The São Paulo branch will enhance Hygiena's robust presence in food protection throughout Latin America, offering personalized client services and excellent support. Hygiena's CEO, Steve Nason, emphasizes the impact this investment could have on public health, commerce, and Brazil's economy, solidifying the company's ambition to become a global leader in food and veterinary diagnostics.

Hygiena® Announces Expansion and Relocation of its Canadian Offices

November 1

Hygiena®, a global leader in rapid diagnostic solutions, has announced the expansion and relocation of its Canadian offices to Mississauga, Ontario. The move follows a tripling of sales over the past five years and aims to accommodate a growing workforce and increased warehouse needs. Canada's food safety testing market is set to grow by 7.7% from 2021 to 2028, and the move positions Hygiena® to better service this expansion. The new facility will support a larger team, providing a more robust presence for Hygiena® in the Canadian and North American market, in line with its ambitious global growth strategy.

October 2022

Hygiena® Launches New SureTrend® Food Safety Software as a Solution

October 18

Hygiena® has launched a new SureTrend® Software as a Solution (SaaS) offering to enhance food safety, quality, and compliance decision-making. The tool consolidates food testing results into an analytics platform providing actionable insights that help businesses reduce risk and maximize profit. It also features robust dashboards to visualize and report test results from multiple facilities and sends alerts when anything is out of specification. The system is secure and widely used, and now offers a service component to all current and future users, assisting in trend analysis, audit preparation, risk assessment, and more.