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Ensure an optimally clean environment for your high-quality products with same-day test results

Maintaining the cleanliness of the manufacturing environment is critical to enabling long shelf life and sterility of cosmetics and personal care products. Hygiena makes environmental hygiene monitoring easy and affordable. With test devices for surfaces or liquid samples, Hygiena has many solutions to fit the unique needs of your facility. Same-day micro tests facilitate <8-hour feedback on microbial levels in your facility, while ATP monitoring devices provides results in seconds, helping to troubleshoot sanitation issues and ensure an optimally clean environment for your high-quality products.

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Aspergillus Detection LyoKit
Targets: A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, A. terreus
Product Number: KIT230145 (LP), KIT230146 (RP), KIT230147 (DP)
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