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Visit our frequently asked questions section for answers to common inquiries.
For earliest attention to your inquiry, please call your nearest Hygiena office:

Sanitation/Cleaning Verification Products

Monitoring Systems, ATP Testing, Allergen Tests, Surface Residue Tests, Process Efficiency Tests, Indicator Organism Tests

Americas: 1-888-HYGIENA (1-888-494-4362) / 1-805-388-8007 or email customerservice@hygiena.com
Canada: 1-833-HYGIENA (1-833-494-4362) / 1-416-686-7962 or email customerservice@hygiena.ca
International: +44 (0) 1923 818821 or email customerserviceuk@hygiena.com
China: +86.21.51321081

Diagnostics Products

PCR Pathogen Testing, Molecular Identification & Characterization, Sterility

BAX® System, RiboPrinter® System, Innovate System, Lateral Flow System and StatMedia™ Products:
Diagnostics Support (M-F: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST)
Toll Free: 1-800-863-6842 /
International: 1-302-695-5300
Email diagnostics.support@hygiena.com

After Hours & Weekend Emergency Support (English)

1. Email BAX file and description of support needed.

2. Call # above, press 2, and request emergency response.

3. An on-call support specialist will return your call and/or respond to email within 1 hour

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Helica Products

Mycotoxin Testing, ELISA & C-Reactive Protein Testing

Call 1-714-578-7830

Email: helica-cs@hygiena.com

To contact us about any other products, please use the form on the product pages.