AlerTox® Sticks

Rapid Tests for Allergen Detection in Food, Drinks and Surfaces for Internal Quality Control

Designed especially to help manufacturers keep their items free of antigens that may cause allergic reactions, AlerTox® Sticks are a rapid, user-friendly test for the detection and qualification of main food allergens with no lab equipment or scientific knowledge required.

AlerTox Sticks

Key Benefits

10 Minute Assay

 No Cross-reactivity

 Highly Sensitive

Quick & Reliable

 HACCP, ISO 2200, BRC and IFS Compliant

 All-in-one Kit

NEW AlerTox® Sticks PLUS range

Determined to innovate, we are introducing AlertTox® Sticks PLUS test – a highly sensitive generation of the range.

AlerTox® Sticks PLUS Range

  • Soy – detects 1.5ppm of soy protein

Industrial Applications

  • Detection of allergens in food
  • Food quality control
  • Trace allergen contamination in food, liquid, and surfaces
  • Implementation and fulfillment of HACCP, ISO 2200, BRC, and IFS compliance

AlerTox® Sticks Advantages

  • Quick and Reliable
  • Results in 10 Minutes
  • No Cross-Reactivity
  • High-Sensitivity

Allergens That Can Be Detected with AlerTox® Sticks

Round Out Your Allergen Prevention Program

 For everyday protein residue detection, try AllerSnap®. AllerSnap® is a quick color-changing swab test that detects a wide range of proteins. Verifying effective protein removal between changeovers is a quick way to ensure sanitation protocols are effectively removing potential allergens on surfaces.
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AllerSnap Swab

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How to Use



Red Sticks – Beta-lactoglobulin, Casein, Egg, Total Milk

Blue Sticks – Almond, Crustacean, Fish, Hazelnut, Mustard Seed, Peanut, Sesame, Soy, Walnut