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SureTrend Cloud Product
SureTrend Cloud Product

SureTrend® is a platform that provides a gateway to actionable insights. It supports data from ATP, rapid indicator, allergen, and PCR tests. The platform provides secure data integration from multiple sources and facilities. Plus, the software’s environmental maps create a bird’s eye facility view to help you identify critical areas and manage and mitigate your risk. Easily review, analyze, and trend-highlighted critical factors and improve your decision-making from anywhere.

Key Benefits

Improve Decision Making
Visualize dynamic data maps to see your facility in total.
Allows you to assess the state of your facility at a glance so you can make rapid data-driven decisions.
Simple, Secure Access
Easily manage users' access.
Allows you to control access with a single sign-on with an enhanced domain lock, ensuring security for your facilities.
Easily Import Data
Combine testing results from multiple platforms.
Ensures a full view of your facilities' food safety risk so you rapidly take action.
Monitor Multiple Facilities
Track and trend test results across all your facilities.
Provides the insights you need to maximize decision-making across all your facilities, saving time and money.

More Benefits

Save time, visualize test results, and make data-driven decisions. Communicate effectively with management, operations, key stakeholders, as well as auditors.

Environmental MapsEnvironmental Maps
Improve Decision Making by Visualizing Dynamic Data Maps
Gain a snapshot of your facilities by using environmental maps. Our color-coded test points allow you to assess the state of your facility at a glance. Plus, access a complete history of each test location with a click of a mouse.
STC Environmental Maps
Multiple Site ManagementMultiple Site Management
Monitor Multiple Facilities within a Single Dashboard from Anywhere
Increase visibility by tracking and trending test results across multiple facilities. Identify cleaning trends, contamination spikes and take immediate corrective actions.
Easy IntegrationEasy Integration
Integrate Test Results Seamlessly
Simplify your food safety plan by storing all your ATP, PCR and rapid indicator tests in one location.
Single LoginSingle Login
Simple and Secure Access for Multiple Users​
Easily manage your users’ access with enhanced domain lock and Single Sign On. One click and you’re in!

Pricing Table

SureTrend Cloud Logo

For those getting started with data trending within their facility.


For those who want to track, trend, customize, map and view data on a single facility map.


For those who want to track, trend, customize, map and view data across multiple sites.

Unlimited Locations & Data Storage
Unlimited Plan Scheduling
Pre-Build Reports & Dashboards
Q7 Data Integration
World-Class Ongoing Support
User Roles - Owner, Admin, User
User Roles - Global Admin
Environmental Maps
Custom Reports
SureTrend Alerts
Externally Sourced Data Analysis
API access (setup & data fee)
Google SSO
PCR Data Analysis
Emailed Reports
Integrated All-sites Dashboard
Account Domain Lock
Account SSO
Audit Trail
SureTrend Users5 users/site20 users/siteUnlimited
Monthly Price per Site (with annual contract)No Charge$80/Month$110/Month
Annual Price per SiteNo Charge$880/Year (Save 1 month)$1210/Year (Save 1 month)

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