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BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Campylobacter

With its low infectious dose of less than 500 cells, a single drop of contaminated juice from raw poultry can have enough Campylobacter to cause illness. As a result, Campylobacter remains a worldwide public health concern and the leading cause of enteric illness in the U.S. Campylobacter is most commonly associated with raw or undercooked poultry, and outbreaks have also been associated with unpasteurized dairy products, contaminated water and produce.

Now, use the power of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect this harmful bacteria in food and environmental samples with certainty. Detect and differentiate three distinct species in one test. The BAX® System Real-Time  PCR Assay for Campylobacter provides everything you need for PCR, in convenient tablets, packaged inside PCR reaction tubes. You can minimize operator handling, and improve ease of use, dramatically decreasing false positives and reducing the need for re-testing. 

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 RT PCR Assay Campylobacter


  • Same-day results for highly contaminated samples without enrichment, next-day results for enriched samples
  • Closed-cap system avoids amplicon contamination in the lab
  • LIMS-compatible electronic data for easy storage, sharing and retrieval
  • Real-time processing complete in less than 90 minutes
  • Detects and quantifies all three Campylobacter species in the same sample
  • Automated DNA-based analysis provides clear yes-or-no results without the need for expert interpretation
  • Automated processing and detection reduces hands-on time and minimizes the potential for cross-contamination
  • DNA-based PCR technology with built-in positive control (INPC) provides rapid, reproducible results to help you make product release decisions with confidence


  • Real-time
  • Target: C. jejuni, C. coli and C. lari
  • Matrices:   Poultry carcass rinses, ready-to-eat products
  • Enrichment time:   24-28 hours, depending on food type, sample volume and enrichment media. Highly contaminated samples can be tested directly, without enrichment
  • PCR time:   90 minutes
  • Detection level:   10^4 cfu/mL, after enrichment
  • Validations:
    • AOAC Research Institute - Performance Tested Method #040702 - validated on processed turkey and poultry carcass rinses
    • NordVal International/NMKL - Certificate #039 - validated for poultry faeces on cloacae swabs for levels above 100 cfu/g

Catalog No.

Legacy Order Code  Hygiena Product Code Description Quantity
D12683449 KIT2018 BAX® System Real-time Assay for Campylobacter  96 tests per kit