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BAX® System Real-time PCR Assay for Shigella

The group of Shigella bacteria is very contagious--just a tiny amount, usually passed by contact with fecal material from an infected person, can cause illness. Use the power of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect Shigella in food and environmental samples. The BAX screener quickly eliminates negatives, reducing the number of samples that must be confirmed. The BAX System is configured for convenience, providing all the necessary PCR components, minimizing operator handling and improving ease of use. The PCR Assay for Shigella targets all species, including S. sonnei and and S. flexneri, but also S. boydii and S. dysenteriae.  This assay will help determine if you have a Shigella problem, and let you make informed decisions on eliminating this hygiene threat. 

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 BAX Assay Kit2007 Shigella


  • Sensitivity and specificity consistent with the standard culture method for Shigella
  • Closed-cap system avoids amplicon contamination in the lab
  • LIMS-compatible electronic data for easy storage, sharing and retrieval
  • Internal positive control included with each reaction
  • Negative results available in about 18 hours for most sample types
  • Tableted PCR reagents provide product stability and longer shelf life
  • Simplified sample prep and easy-to-follow prompts reduce training needs
  • Real-time PCR processing complete in about one hour
  • Automated DNA-based analysis provides clear yes-or-no results without the need for expert interpretation


  • Real-time
  • Target: Shigella spp
  • Matrices: Frankfurters, raw pork, dessert gelatin, read-to-eat prepared meals ("cold dishes"), and more
  • Enrichment time: 8-20 hours, depending on food type, sample volume and enrichment media
  • PCR time:  60 minutes
  • Detection level:  10^3 cfu/mL, after enrichment

Catalog No.

Legacy Order Code  Hygiena Product Code Description Quantity
D14812018 KIT2007 BAX® System Real-time PCR Assay for Shigella  96 tests per kit