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BAX® System PCR Testing

Detect pathogens quickly and accurately with the power of PCR.

The BAX® System uses Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to detect a target organism’s DNA – the gold standard for identification that is highly stable and conserved within a species. Carefully designed primers contained within the BAX® System assays target specific genetic sequences possessed only by the target organism, eliminating cross reactivity and expensive false-positive results.

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Same powerful technology, two convenient options.

Customers around the world have made the BAX® System an integral part of their quality control systems due to its tremendous impact on their operations--from dramatically decreasing false positives and minimizing re-testing, to reducing employee training and speeding the time to market.

Compare features of the BAX® System X5 and BAX® System Q7 instruments side by side. Whether you're looking for the power of PCR in a small footprint or a high-throughput solution for your laboratory, Hygiena's BAX® System can fit your needs. 

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BAX® System X5

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check boxblue 32-well

check boxblue Laptop PC controller

check boxblue Small footprint

check boxblue End Point Assays

box Real-Time Assays

check boxblue Salmonella

check boxblue Listeria

check boxblue E. coli

box Additional Assays

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BAX® System Q7

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check boxblue 96-well 

check boxblue Desktop PC controller

check boxblue High-throughput

check boxblue End Point Assays

check boxblue Real-Time Assays

check boxblue Salmonella

check boxblue Listeria

check boxblue E. coli

check boxblue Additional Assays

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Learn how the BAX® System works.

The BAX® System instruments feature two types of PCR detection technologies - real-time and end-point. Learn about PCR technology and detection technologies at the links below.

PCR Technology



Proven performance.

The BAX® System is configured for convenience, minimizing operator handling and improving ease of use. In addition, outstanding sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy round out the system's compelling value to its users. Read those customer's stories in the case studies listed here. 

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Convenient tableted reagents.

The BAX® System provides all of the necessary components for PCR -- polymerase, nucleotides and target-specific primers -- in convenient tablets, packaged inside PCR reaction tubes. You simply hydrate these tablets with prepared test samples, load them into the instrument, and start the program.

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