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BAX® System PCR Testing

Rapid food safety you can rely on.

Food companies, service labs, and government regulators around the world rely on Hygiena's BAX® System to detect unwanted bacteria in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples.

Introduced more than 20 years ago, the BAX® System was the first DNA-based detection method for the food industry. Now, the automated, user friendly system backed by decades of real customer data is even easier to operate, utilizing real-time and/or traditional uses Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) assays, tableted reagents, and optimized media to minimize hands-on time and free technicians for other tasks.

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BAX System Q7 Bax System X5 Together


Same powerful technology, two convenient options.

For companies whose food products are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the BAX® System enables you to conduct routine testing with confidence. Whether you're looking for the power of DNA based pathogen detection in a small footprint, or a high-throughput solution for your laboratory, Hygiena's BAX® System can fit your needs. Compare features of the BAX® System X5 and BAX® System Q7 instruments side by side. 

Assays for today's top food safety concerns.


 RT PCR Assay Ecoli 0157RT PCR Assay Salmonella

RT PCR Assay Genus ListeriaBAX System Real Time PCR Assay L monocytogenes kit box


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BAX System X5 pathogen detection system closed blue light under lid

BAX® System X5

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check boxblue 32-well

check boxblue Laptop PC controller

check boxblue Small footprint

check boxblue End Point Assays

box Real-Time Assays

check boxblue Salmonella

check boxblue Listeria

check boxblue E. coli

box Additional Assays

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BAX System Q7 pathogen detection system facing right

BAX® System Q7

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check boxblue 96-well 

check boxblue Desktop PC controller

check boxblue High-throughput

check boxblue End Point Assays

check boxblue Real-Time Assays

check boxblue Salmonella

check boxblue Listeria

check boxblue E. coli

check boxblue Additional Assays

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Learn how the BAX® System works.

The BAX® System instruments feature two types of PCR detection technologies - real-time and end-point. Learn about PCR technology and detection technologies at the links below.

how pcr works first stage graphic

BAX System pathogen detection software screenshot Real Time Ecoli results data

Proven performance. 

The BAX® System is configured for convenience, minimizing operator handling and improving ease of use. In addition, outstanding sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy round out the system's compelling value to its users. Read those customer's stories in the case studies listed here. 

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