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BAX® System Q7


Powerful and Precise Molecular Pathogen Detection - the original creators of PCR technology currently provide over two decades of reliable food safety testing with the largest breadth of validated matrices. The BAX® System continues to evolve to support food safety needs through simplified testing methods, specific and sensitive assays, and real-time PCR quantification.

Key Benefits

Test Wide Range of Matrices
Even hard-to-test product types can be easily analyzed.
One solution for rapid testing of products means streamlined laboratory workflows, saving time and costs.
Accurate Results
Fewer retests, less waste of time and resources.
Confidently release product sooner reducing storage times and minimizing waste.
Increased Lab Productivity
Assays easy to set up with less hands-on preparation time.
Reduce the risk of errors and free up valuable technician time.

Compatible PCR Kits

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Accessories for the BAX® System Q7

Product No.ProductQuantity
ASY2018BAX® System Screener EQ Pkg (120V)1
ASY2020BAX® System Screener EQ Pkg (220V)1
ASY2016BAX® System Screener EQ Pkg with Digital Heating Block1
ASY2014Auxiliary Package for BAX® System Workstation (120V)1
ASY2015Auxiliary Package for BAX® System Workstation (220V)1
MCH2019BAX® System Q7 Windows Upgrade Package with or without ESA1
MCH2014Heating Block (120V) Double Block System1
MCH2026Heating Block (220V) Double Block System1
MIS2021Dry Block Insert1
MIS2030Insulator For Both Lysate & PCR Blocks1
MIS2017Cooling Blocks
MIS2039PCR Cooling Block (Insert Only)1
MCH2023Thermal Block1
MCH2011Cell Disrupter for Yeast & Mold (120V)1
MCH2012Cell Disrupter for Yeast & Mold (220V)1
KIT2026Calibration Kit1

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