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BAX® System Q7 Software Analysis Improvements

MATLAB Analysis & BAX® Real-Time Salmonella.

MATLAB Analysis Improvement:

BAX® System Q7 software relies on MATLAB, the analysis framework from MathWorks, to analyze and report PCR outcomes. During analysis, MATLAB generates temporary files and stores them until results are provided. Hygiena was recommended by MathWorks to relocate the temporary file storage location to eliminate a potential error where each sample in a run is marked with a question mark . This error can occur when the file storage becomes locked and is corrected upon reanalysis.

  • This cache relocation is performed by a script that does not change anything else associated with the software or algorithm.

  • Installation of this script addresses the need to reanalyze file when full rack of analysis error is displayed

BAX® System Real-Time Assay for Salmonella Improvement:

Additionally, Hygiena has made improvements to the BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Salmonella algorithm to provide our customers with an enhanced user experience while using the BAX® System software application. Description of patch below:

  • Improvement in Real-Time Salmonella algorithm to reduce atypical positive results.

  • This patch is not a full software update – only the algorithm for Real-Time Salmonella is impacted

  • Validated for software version: 3.6.7262

  • Includes MATLAB Analysis Improvement.


 Download MATLAB Analysis & RT Salmonella Improvement Patch by Clicking Below:



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