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Enrichment Media

Actero Elite Listeria Enrichment Media

Actero Elite Listeria Enrichment Media

The patented Actero™ Elite Listeria Enrichment Media is a selective bacterial culture medium specifically optimized for the recovery of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes from environmental and food samples in a single-step enrichment. Actero™ Elite Listeria is an optimized formulation with the advantages of having the fastest time-to-results, and is accurate and specific for the target bacteria even in the presence of abundant competing flora.

Actero Media Listeria Competitive Advantages

Maximize Your Competitive Advantage

Faster recovery & detection using BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Listeria with Actero™ Elite Listeria Enrichment Media.

  • Single-step enrichment
  • As little as 20 hours to results
  • Better than or equal to the reference method – Accuracy validated by 3rd party labs (AOAC-RIPTM, Health Canada)
Actero Media Listeria Single Step Enrichment

Single-Step Enrichment

Less time spent on prep means cost savings for food manufacturers and third-party reference labs. Actero™ Elite Listeria Enrichment media’s single-step enrichment reduces “time-to-results” and minimizes possible errors, providing faster turnaround for product release decisions.

Actero Media Listeria Validated Matrices

Robust List of Validated Matrices

These matrices make up some of the most commonly encountered in any food processing environment. Many matrices can interfere with PCR, preventing target amplification. Validated enrichment media can help control this inhibition, ensuring you get the pathogen detection information you need to make key food safety decisions.

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