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The GlutenTox® ELISA allergen prevention test kits are a collection of quantitative immunosorbent assay containing the G12 antibodies. The G12 antibody is superior to the R5 and other antibodies because it targets the most toxic fragment of gluten that triggers celiac disease. Hygiena offers several kit formats to fit your specific needs.


Hygiena GlutenTox ELISA Allergen Prevention Kits

Whether you need a Rapid ELISA assay, Sandwich-based assay or a competitive assay, we have you covered with the kits below.

GlutenTox® ELISA Rapid G12

GlutenTox ELISA Rapid G12

GlutenTox® ELISA Rapid G12 is a quantitative enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed for the determination of the immunotoxic fraction of gluten in food samples. The ELISA Sandwich is a technique usually used for the analysis of substances found at very low concentrations. This combined with the high specificity and sensitivity of the antibodies used in this test allows this method to precisely quantify gluten in food samples.

  • Quantification Range: 0.6ppm to 200ppm of gluten
  • Results in 90 minutes
  • 96 well kit for large number of samples
  • Valid for a wide range of food matrices
  • No cross-reactivity

Key Benefits


96 Well Kit

No Cross-reactivity

G12 Antibody

90 Minute Incubation

The Power of G12 Antibody

The G12 antibody was raised against the highly immunotoxic 33-mer peptide of the α-gliadin protein that induces celiac disease and recognizes the immunotoxic prolamins from wheat, barley, rye, and some varieties of oat. The G12 antibody is also capable of reacting to other epitopes that are found in other toxic prolamins and can react to similar sequences present in other gliadins outside the 33-mer of the α-gliadin. Learn more about the G12 antibody here.

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GlutenTox® ELISA Rapid G12