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Rapid Test for Gluten Detection in Food and Beverages

GlutenTox Home is a user-friendly gluten detection kit for foods, drinks, and oral hygiene products designed specifically for consumer use. GlutenTox Home contains the G12 anti-gliadin antibody that specifically recognizes the gluten fraction that triggers celiac disease.

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Key Benefits

All-in-one Box

 20 Minute Assay

Sensitive to 5ppm

G12 Antibody Detection

 Easy to Use

No Extra Equipment Needed

Designed With You in Mind

GlutenTox Home is a rapid, user-friendly test for gluten detection in food and beverages specially designed for celiac patients. Its proprietary testing procedure makes GlutenTox Home ideal for on-the-go and in-home use, keeping you safe wherever you are.

GlutenTox Home Provides Options

GlutenTox Home gives you the option to test food at a threshold of 20 ppm or 5 ppm* in less than 20 minutes ensuring that it is safe to consume.

5 ppm is the maximum sensitivity of the GlutenTox Home test

Positive (with Gluten):

Positive Result

Negative (without Gluten):

Negative Result

Harnessing the Power of the G12 Antibody

The G12 antibody was raised against the highly immunotoxic 33-mer peptide of the α-gliadin protein that induces celiac disease and recognizes the immunotoxic prolamins from wheat, barley, rye, and some varieties of oat. The G12 is also capable of reacting to other epitomes that are found in other toxic prolamins and can react to similar sequences present in other gliadins outside the 33-mer of the α-gliadin.

Learn more about the G12 antibody here.

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