Indicator Organisms

Hygiena® offers Total Viable Count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform, E. coli tests for food and surfaces.
Environmental Monitoring

Raw Material Testing

Screen for microbiological contamination before materials go into processing.

Finished Product Testing

Environmental Monitoring

Test environmental surfaces and equipment for same-day bacterial results of plant hygiene.

Raw Materials

Finished Product Testing

Verify microorganism levels sooner for quicker release and better quality assurance.

MicroSnap™ System

The MicroSnap™ collection of indicator organism tests feature Hygiena's patented Snap-Valve™ technology and work with the EnSURE™ Touch and SureTrend Cloud environmental monitoring system. Optional enrichment broths are available for large-volume testings and milk products.

Total Viable Count

MicroSnap™ Total delivers same-day TVC test results, giving you the advantage of knowing microbial levels on the same day samples are collected..

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Microsnap Total Viable Count


MicroSnap™ EB is a rapid test for detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae (EB) bacteria.

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Microsnap Enterobacteriaceae


MicroSnap™ Coliform is a rapid bioluminogenic test method for the detection and enumeration of Coliform bacteria, giving actionable same-day test results.

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Microsnap Coliform

E. coli

MicroSnap™ E. coli is a rapid test for detection and enumeration of E. coli bacteria.

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Microsnap E. coli

Chromogenic Pathogen Test

The InSite™ collection of chromogenic pathogen tests provide an easy-to-use self-contained environmental sampling and screening test to help you control pathogens in your environment.


Digital Dry Block Incubators

If you have limited bench-top space the Hygiena small incubator is perfect for your needs. Otherwise, the Hygiena™ Lab Incubator offers more capacity and two separate incubation blocks with independent temperature control.


Pathogen Detection

The original creator of PCR technology, offering dozen of validated matrices.
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ATP Monitoring

Discover the most advanced ATP monitoring platform available.
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Allergen Detection

Dozens of allergen tests available in both lateral flow and ELISA formats.
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