BAX® System SalQuant™

First Real-Time PCR Application of Quantification

Hygiena™ is pioneering diagnostics with the ability to quantify Salmonella on the farm, throughout processing at critical control points, and at the final product for faster release or diversions using BAX® System Q7 and our BAX® System Real-Time Salmonella Assay.

BAX® System SalQuant™ can be utilized throughout the beef, pork, and poultry industries to provide the precise amount of Salmonella to ultimately reduce consumer food safety risks in a one health environment.


BAX® System SalQuant™ Tested Matrices

Over 85,000 samples ran to date on various matrices to generate the protocols.

Available Protocols for Matrices:


  • Comminuted Chicken or Turkey - AOAC-RI PTM
  • Whole Bird (Carcass) Rinsates
  • Parts Rinsates
  • Boot, Dust, Feet, Cloacal Swabs
  • Poult Pads (Cardboard or Straw)
  • Feed
  • Ceca
  • Crop
  • Lungs


  • Ground & Finely Textured Beef
  • Beef Trim
  • MicroTally™ Manual Sampling Device for Beef Trim
  • Lymph Node


  • Ground Pork
  • Pork Trim
  • MicroTally
  • Head Trim Rinses
  • Carcass Swab
  • Lymph Node

Quantification Data Applications


  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Pre-Harvest antibiotic/probiotic efficiency
  • Flock house sanitation/cleaning monitoring
  • Determination of slaughter order
  • Source tracking of high load animals for corrective actions at farm level
  • Monitoring animal status overtime
  • Screening for presence/absence of Salmonella


  • New and existing chemical and physical intervention evaluations
  • Biomapping of process locations to monitor intervention efficacy
  • Process control documentation support
  • Precise knowledge of Salmonella location and level of contamination
  • Tracking from incoming lots to final product


  • Make release decisions faster for ground products contaminated with 1-10 CFU/g or mL (SalLimits™ or SalQuant™)
  • Faster results to make diversion decisions
  • Determine the true meaning of Salmonella prevalence by applying quantitative values to the results
  • Provide support data for prevalence testing to reduce consumer risk when positive lots are released

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