BAX System X5

Accurate and Reliable Results

Advanced DNA-based PCR technology provides rapid, reproducible results to help you make faster product release decisions with confidence.

The BAX® System X5 handles up to 32 samples using the same advanced PCR technology to accurately and reliably identify foodborne pathogens in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples with a smaller lab footprint.

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BAX® System X5 PCR Assays


AFNOR QUA 18/03-11/02

AOAC-RIPTM #100201

Health Canada MFLP-29

BAX E. coli

E. coli O157:H7

AFNOR QUA 18/04-03/08

AOAC-RIPTM #050501

Health Canada MFLP-30

BAX Listeria

Genus Listeria

AFNOR QUA 18/06-07/08

AOAC-RIPTM #030502

Health Canada MFLP-15

BAX L monocytogenes

L. monocytogenes

AFNOR QUA 18/05-07/08

AOAC-RIPTM #070202

Health Canada MFLP-28

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With decades of experience in food safety, working with hundreds of top food manufacturers across a broad array of product groups, we’ve established dozens of protocols for the most difficult matrices.

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