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Sample Collection

Hygiena® offers all your sample collection necessities… from surface swabs and sponges to dilution devices.

Sponge’n Bag™

Hygiena™ Sponge’n Bag is a biocide-free polyurethane & cellulose sponge, supplied in a sterile, leak-proof bag.

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Stick Sponge™

Stick Sponge is a biocide-free polyurethane & cellulose sponge attached to a plastic handle and supplied in a sterile, leak-proof bag.

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Pathogen Detection

The original creator of PCR technology, offering dozen of validated matrices.
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Indicator Organisms

Total Viable Count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform, E. coli tests for food and surfaces.
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Microbial Screening

Rapid microbial screening for UHT and ELS Testing to reduces release cycle time.
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