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Patient health depends on the effectiveness of your cleaning procedure. Visual clean or using fluorescent gels is no longer a sufficient method to verify clean… you need a quantitative and scientific method. The Hygiena™ SystemSURE Plus™ rapid ATP cleaning verification system quantifies your cleaning outcomes in 15 seconds and provides a measurable result that can help you take effective corrective action to improve cleaning outcomes, reduce HAI and increase insurance reimbursement rates.

SystemSure Plus

Key Benefits

Quantify Clean

Superior Performance

Better Design

Complete Hygiene Monitoring Platform

Science-Based Cleaning Verification System

In today’s age, visually clean is no longer good enough! Hospitals need a scientific way to quantify cleaning. Hygiena™ ATP cleaning verification quantifies your cleaning outcomes to help you reduce HAI and keep your staff and patients safe.

Quantify Cleanliness

ATP bioluminescence is the only rapid cleaning verification method that science-based and data-driven. Learn why ATP cleaning verification is the best fit for the health care industry, and out-performs traditional methods, visual inspection, and fluorescent gel.

Align with CDC Recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that hospitals use an objective monitoring system to ensure health care facilities’ cleaning standards are met. Check out our summary of the CDC recommendations for meeting cleaning verification standards.

Improve Cleaning Compliance

Implementing a monitoring system to validate cleanliness has been shown to increase compliance to cleaning procedures from 40% to 82%. Since approximately 90% of your cleaning budget is spent on labor, it’s important for the job to be done right the first time.

Everything You Need to Quantify Clean

The EnSure™ cleaning verification solution consists of a luminometer, ATP test devices and the SureTrend™ dashboard. These three parts work together to help you track and measure your cleaning program across multiple locations. Learn more about each test below.


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UltraSnap Surface ATP Test

Surface ATP Test

Using UltraSnap™ surface ATP tests couldn’t be easier. The three-step process for collecting a sample, activating the device, and mixing the sample is so easy, anyone can do it.

AquaSnap Water ATP Test - Free ATP

Water ATP Test

Some difficult-to-clean channels of endoscopes, such as elevator channels, can only be tested for cleanliness by flushing sterile water through them and then testing that water sample for residual contamination. AquaSnap™ is an easy-to-use water test that detects organic contamination in water samples in just 10 seconds.

SuperSnap High-sensitivity Surface ATP Test

High-sensitivity Surface ATP Test

SuperSnap™ is the most sensitive ATP surface test in Hygiena’s portfolio of all-in-one devices. Designed to work with all Hygiena™ instruments, it detects extremely low levels of ATP so it can be used when dealing with harsh samples.

Superior Performance

The data speaks for itself. The most comprehensive evaluation of ATP hygiene monitoring systems has been completed by one of the world’s premier food and beverage reference laboratories. They evaluated these four key areas of performance.


The linearity graph shows a direct, proportional, straight-line relationship between RLU and ATP for the Hygiena® system. The closer to linear a system can get, the more precise and reliable the results will be. Systems that deviate from linear offer less reliable results and less sensitivity. The data in the graphic demonstrates the Hygiena system is among the most linear on the market.


Repeatability is described by Coefficient of Variation (CV). The higher the CV, the greater the variability between each result with the same sample. More variability means the results are more inconsistent and unreliable. The graph shows that Hygiena systems consistently deliver dependable results with the lowest CV.


Sensitivity is defined as the Limit of Detection (LoD). It is the smallest amount of ATP detectable above the background noise of the system. Background noise is the RLU detected by the system in the absence of ATP. Background noise may come from both the instrument (as electrical interference), and the reagent swab device (as chemical interference). Hygiena systems detect the lowest levels of ATP.


To test accuracy, 100 fmoles of ATP was added to each test device and measurements were taken (using 10 replicates) to determine how much of the available sample was actually detected. Results less than 100% indicate that only part of the sample was detected due to some interference within the system. Results over 100% indicate extra signal coming from the test device. Hygiena’s system is the closest to 100%, thus the least variable.

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Better Design

Every feature of the SystemSURE Plus™ monitoring system was built with you, the customer in mind and to meet the demands of your facility.

Better Technology in a Smaller Box

The SystemSURE Plus uses state-of-the-art Photodiode (PD) sensor technology that provides superior sensitivity and stability over fragile and bulky photomultiplier tube (PMT) sensors. The small, thin and sleek design of the photodiode has several advantages over PMT. They’re more durable and more energy-efficient.

Battery Power for Months

The SystemSURE Plus™ runs on two AA batteries providing long battery life so you don’t have to worry about charging the unit every day. You can expect up to 8-12 months of uninterrupted use before needing to change the batteries. Replacement batteries are very affordable, while other systems use batteries that are expensive to replace and only last 6-8 hours with a minimum charge time of 2 hours.

Removable Read Chamber

Unique to the SystemSURE Plus™ is the removable read chamber, which makes cleaning easy. The demands of some facilities can commonly lead to contaminated read chambers. Other manufacturers require you to ship your system back if the read chamber becomes contaminated, resulting in costly repairs and delays. Hygiena’s system is designed so you can quickly clean the read chamber, reducing downtime and saving money.

Maximum Durability

The SystemSURE Plus™ has a durable outer shell and keypad are meant to last. The splash-proof keypad won’t let moisture in and the robust outer shell is sturdy to withstand the shock of minor drops and years of use.

Design For One Hand Use

Even when you already have your hands full, the sleek design of SystemSURE Plus™ makes scrolling and selecting test locations a breeze. It is completely operable with one hand, making your life that much easier. Dimension are 3″ x 7″ x 1″ (7.6cm x 17.8cm x 3cm).

Work Hands-free Wherever You Go

Each SystemSURE Plus™ comes with a complimentary protective carrying case and shoulder strap so you can work hands-free wherever you go. The carrying case and shoulder strap minimize potential drops to keep your device safe while on the go.

Proven Performance

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