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New Innovate System Beverage Kit for Detection of Microbial Contamination in Less Than 30 Minutes

The Innovate System RapiScreen™ Beverage Kit allows shelf-stable beverage producers a faster time to result, leading to increased cost savings

CAMARILLO, Calif. (17 November 2021)— Hygiena™, a leader in food safety testing, announces a new rapid microbial screening kit for beverage testing, using the Innovate System. The RapiScreen™ Beverage Kit is specifically designed to have strong buffering capacity to neutralize often complex, high-acid content found in fruit juices. In addition, the kit provides quality control results in less than 30 minutes following a preliminary incubation period, allowing manufacturers to confirm product quality for quick release to market. The RapiScreen™ Beverage Kit has also been validated on a broad range of matrices beyond fruit juices, including teas, energy drinks, smoothie mixes and ketchup.

When it comes to rapid microbial results, the Innovate System can detect contamination much faster than traditional methods. After a 48 hour incubation, results can be obtained in less than 30 minutes – and for 96 samples at a time. The Innovate System uses a simple three-step process which makes test set up easy and reduces technician time. By shortening time to results, facilities can reduce inventory requirements, warehouse space and safety stock, resulting in significant savings, which impacts the bottom line positively.

The Innovate platform features RapiScreen™, ATP bioluminescence technology, the industry standard for screening dairy and beverage products due to its speed and clear absence/ presence results. ATP testing eliminates the need for plate incubation, allowing product to be released days faster. The system can run 96 individual samples at once with no secondary incubation required. This is possible due to a unique technology that eliminates somatic cell (non-microbial) ATP and allows testing products with a wide range of pH values.

“The RapiScreen™ reagents have been validated on raw materials, in-process formulations, and finished goods within the dairy, food and beverage industries. The automation of the system allows simultaneous testing of 96 individual samples on a single microtiter plate every 30 minutes, with multiple products tested on the same plate. Subsequent assays can be prepared even while the system is in use to keep high-volume operations running smoothly,” said William Gannon, Global Product Manager at Hygiena™. “This ensures manufacturers can rapidly confirm the quality of the final product and release it quickly to market, saving on inventory and storage costs.”

Visit www.hygiena.com/Innovate-Beverage-Kit to request information or contact your Hygiena™ sales representative.


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