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Time to Innovate™

Upgrade to the next generation of automated testing with exclusive savings when trading in your outdated system for Hygiena’s all-in-one Innovate System solution complete with 2.5x longer reagent reliability, built-in LIMS traceability and complimentary migration guidance for a refreshingly simplified transition. Limited spots are available, claim yours today!

Workflow? Validated.

Already known for its reliable results, Innovate now brings an added layer of confidence with its AOAC RI PTM certification. This certification isn't just a stamp of approval; it's a testament to the system's precision and accuracy across its entire workflow.

Hygiena’s RapiScreen Dairy and Beverage reagent kits have been awarded AOAC Certification for the consistency and reliability they provide when testing different product matrices. With this validated solution, you can be confident in implementing the Innovate System for your products.

Refer to our Technical Bulletins for each reagent kit to learn more about what this certification means for you


Innovate with AOAC Logo

Reagents? Stable.

Extended 5-day reagent stability means less frequent reagent setup, freeing up valuable technician time and resources.

With Innovate's enhanced reagent formula and our unique Cooling Unit, you get a remarkable 5-day reagent stability. This outperforms competitors by 3 days, drastically reducing reruns and saving on test materials. Simplify your workflow and enjoy consistent, dependable results with Innovate.


LIMS? Connected.

The Hygiena Innovate System, featuring state-of-the-art Win10/Win11 validated software, seamlessly integrates with your LIMS for real-time, accurate, and reliable results. 

Multi-lab connectivity? Effortlessly handled. Link results from numerous Innovate systems across different locations into one centralized LIMS or Shared Network folder. Enjoy immediate access and simplified reporting from your desk, regardless of the number of sites. This advanced integration ensures you're always in the loop, wherever you are.


Support? End-to-End.

From customized validation studies to troubleshooting and optimization, our dedicated Applications Lab scientists are an extension of your quality team, ensuring your testing program delivers maximum accuracy, performance, and peace of mind.

Elevate your testing with Hygiena's unmatched Applications Support. While others offer limited guidance, our dedicated scientists work closely with you to design customized validation studies, troubleshoot atypical results, and optimize your program for your unique matrices. Discover how our end-to-end support sets us apart in ensuring your success.


Sample Handling? Automated.

Streamline your sample handling with the Innovate Autosampler III, a flexible, high-volume automated solution that integrates with your production line, providing end-to-end tracking and a 7x efficiency boost over manual sampling.

See Autosampler III in Action Here

The award-winning AutoSampler III turns the promise of a continuity-first future into a present-day reality. This turnkey automation powerhouse effortlessly standardizes sample handling, processing over 2,000 samples per hour with unparalleled precision. Experience walkaway testing confidence across even the longest batches, while freeing your skilled technicians to focus on higher-value tasks. With the AutoSampler III, you don't just optimize your workflow – you revolutionize it.


Unrivalled Cost Savings

Clients who have integrated the AutoSampler III with Hygiena's Innovate System report saving an impressive average of $100,000 in annual labor costs.

Discover how this dynamic automation duo not only boosts your bottom line but also empowers your team to tackle high-value initiatives. By minimizing the need for manual oversight, you can redirect your skilled talent to projects that drive innovation and propel your business forward.


Product Compatibility? Widest.

Extensively third-party AOAC RI PTM certified over wide sample diversity, you can trust Innovate to keep pace effortlessly as recipes and requirements advance. 

Even minor product shifts - tweaking fruit blends or preservatives - can undermine method accuracy over time. But Innovate’s specialized Dairy and Beverage kits deliver unmatched versatility across thousands of diverse beverage and sauce formulations.


Where Innovate Outperforms

While alternative rapid screening solutions checked the baseline boxes, scaling workflows now demand more. See where Innovate outshines the rest. 

Innovate vs Competition

Real-World Results: See How Hygiena Transforms Dairy Testing

Watch Dirk Krowas, Head of Microbiology at the Dairy Teaching and Research Institute, share how Hygiena's comprehensive portfolio has significantly advanced their dairy testing processes and discuss its potential impact on the wider industry.

Hygiena Products

Don't Just Take Our Word - Verify Within 30 Days Risk-Free

We don't just promise an easy transition to the Innovate System - we guarantee it with Verification in a Box. This turnkey framework delivers validated testing confidence within 30 days.

Easy Result Comparison
Easy Result Comparison

Learn how to easily compare your current test results with the Innovate System. See the difference in a simple, clear way.

Setting Your Standards
Setting Your Standards

Get a straightforward guide to setting your test limits with the Innovate System, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

Simple Reporting Spreadsheet
Simple Reporting Spreadsheet

Use our user-friendly spreadsheet to compare test results quickly. It makes understanding and reporting your data easy.

Expert Help & In-Place Trial
Expert Help & In-Place Trial

Get expert help to set up your tests and try the Innovate System yourself at your place. See how it fits into your workflow firsthand.

How Much Can You Save by Switching to Innovate?

Maximize your production capacity while maintaining high-quality standards with the Innovate Method. Our system ensures rapid product release, allowing for quicker ROI — typically within 6-9 months. 

As showcased in our case study, companies have seen a reduction in inventory investment by $450,000, thanks to shorter production cycles and decreased capital tied up in finished goods. Prepare to enhance cash flow and respond swiftly to any contamination events without compromising reliability. 

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The Innovate System makes microbiological testing future-ready with automated sample handling, 2.5x longer reagent durations and seamless LIMS integration. This is your chance to elevate your testing efficiency with the Innovate System, absolutely free! But hurry, this exclusive trade-in offer is limited.