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Automation Solutions

Increase sample throughput and save valuable technician time by automating processes.

Automation Solutions

RiboPrinter® System

This device combines automation with the power of DNA to easily and accurately provide microbial identification & characterization of contaminants.

Product Number: ASY2004 (110 V), ASY2005 (220 V)
Innovate Autosampler III
Innovate™ Autosampler III

The Innovate Autosampler III is a high-volume automated sampling solution for high throughput bottling and aseptic packaging facilities. It streamlines product sampling from any style carton to the testing plate, increasing efficiency and consistency.

Product Number: MCH4003
foodproof RoboPrep 96
RoboPrep 96

The foodproof® RoboPrep 96 is perfect for labs with high sample throughput allowing the automated extraction of up to 96 samples simultaneously.

Product Number: MCH230001
foodproof RoboPrep Fusion
RoboPrep Fusion

Highly automated combination of liquid handling and DNA/RNA extraction to process up to 96 samples simultaneously.

Product Number: MCH230020

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