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Key Benefits

Test Wide Range of Matrices
Even hard-to-test product types can be easily analyzed.
One solution for rapid testing of products means streamlined laboratory workflows, saving time and costs.
Actionable Data in 30 Minutes
Fast, efficient product release testing.
Rapidly detect bio-burden in packaged UHT or ESL pasteurized products to decrease inventory and warehouse costs and release products days faster.
Reduces Costs
Decrease facility costs by releasing products days faster.
Shorter production hold times means a reduction in inventory and warehouse holding costs.
Superior Sensitivity
Easily detects low level contamination.
Sensitivity means contamination is easily detected, ensuring the safety and quality of your finished product.
Increased Reagent Stability
Reagents are stable for 5 days on the Innovate System.
Minimizes reagent waste or loss, the risk of contamination and decreases prep time.
Software Flexibility
Adjustable software allows enhanced data tracking.
Analyze results via LIMS, export data or send directly to the Autosampler III, reducing the risk of manual errors.
Innovate Rapid Release

Reduce Inventory and Warehouse Costs by Releasing Products Days Faster

The Hygiena™ Innovate rapid microbial screening systems are designed to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers for fast, efficient, and safe product release. From screening raw materials and work-in-process inventory to releasing finished goods, the Innovate System is a great fit for packaged dairy, food, and beverage products where there is a low expectation of bio-burden such as in ultra-high temperature (UHT) or extended shelf-life (ESL) pasteurized products.

Innovate Cost Savings

For more than two decades, companies who package food, beverage, and dairy products have preferred the reliable results generated by their high-throughput systems to confirm they are shipping safe products to market. In the first five years of implementation, the average Innovate customer in the dairy industry saves more than $500,000.

Innovate Can Test It

Cheese sauce. Pulpy juices. Thick puddings. The Innovate System can test them all. No other rapid method covers the range of products and applications we can test. The Innovate System is flexible and easy to use, even with hard-to-test product types that are:

  • Clear, opaque or highly pigmented
  • Filterable or non-filterable
  • Soluble or non-soluble
  • High or low pH
  • Preserved or non-preserved
  • Products in aseptic packaging

Implemented Worldwide

Rapid microbial screening is easy to adopt and a smart strategy for dairy, beverage, and food companies. Our network of representatives and distribution partners around the world are ready to support you and make your implementation and validation process run smoothly. Support options include:

  • Instrument and software installation qualification and operation qualification (IQ/OQ)
  • A step-by-step evaluation guide
  • Three days of on-site, in-person instruction for you and your lab staff, including the initiation of validation

Accessories for Innovate™

Product No.ProductQuantity
KIT4014ATP Positive Control Kit1
KIT4012Monthly Maintenance & Cleaning Kit1
KIT4043Microwash 400 mL1
KIT4018Microwash 400 mL (6-pk)1

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