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How dirty is your home office?

Hygiene Monitoring

How Dirty Is Your Home Office?

Since last March, millions have had to adapt to working from home. Even though some are returning to the office, working remotely is here to stay for many.

Are you still working from a home office? If so, take note. According to the Today Show, your home office could be a breeding ground for microorganism contamination.

Using a swab testing device (UltraSnap®) and a touch-screen measurement instrument (EnSURE® Touch), Today Show staff tested various home office areas for the presence of living matter (bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.). They swabbed keyboards, mouses and desktops for analysis and had data in less than 15 seconds. The results were stunning.

Overall, they found high levels of organic matter - represented by high-value results in the testing system. To see what contamination was present, they sent samples to a microbiology lab for testing. In general, standard organisms found in food, water and dust were present. However, in one case a potentially dangerous bacterium was found. After basic cleaning and retesting, results were much better with lower values.

What does this mean for home offices? According to microbiologists, you shouldn't become scared and turn into a germophobe. However, you can feel better about having a clean office by starting a new habit - simply clean your home office twice a week with a standard sanitizing cloth and cleaner. This will keep the levels of organisms present under control.

Watch the video to hear the whole story, then evaluate how clean your office or facility really is? Learn more about UltraSnap and EnSURE Touch and how the proper monitoring and cleaning can ensure your area is safe and clean.

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