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Innovate Autosampler III Won Product of the Year Award


Innovate Autosampler III Won Product of the Year Award

It all started a few years ago when we decided to create a new, state-of-the-art automation product, that would be capable of testing thousands of samples per hour, saving time, money and lives. Fast forward to a few months ago, Will Gannon, Global Product Manager for Product Quality was approached by Applied Microbiology International to submit a product, released within the last 12 months that changed the scope of microbiology. Without much contemplation, the Innovate Autosampler III was our immediate top choice. Why is the Autosampler III so amazing? Watch our short video or Click here to learn more about the product.​​​​​​​

Product of the Year Award Ceremony

A couple of weeks back, Will was contacted with the great news that out of 50 applicants, Hygiena and the Autosampler III had been shortlisted to a final four. And that's when the countdown to the big awards ceremony began...

Set in the beautiful Science Museum in London, the awards ceremony took place on the evening of November, 29th. The Hygiena team was joined by our supplier and manufacturer of the Autosampler III.

After a few awards were handed out to various scientists, researchers and students, the main award, the Product of the Year was then announced and WE WON!

Who is Applied Microbiology International?

Formally known as the Society for Applied Microbiology, AMI is the oldest microbiology society in the UK and with members in over 70 countries, a truly global society, serving microbiologists based in academia, private industry and research institutes. Here's a fun fact for you: It was the first organization our CSO, Martin Easter, became a member of during his studies.

In Papers

The awards have been covered in some food safety and educational magazines, read more below: 

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