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Innovate Packaging - Transition to Sustainable Packaging

As part of our journey towards creating a sustainable future, today we are excited to highlight a significant milestone in our sustainability initiatives: the transition of our Innovate packaging from Styrofoam to cardboard. This change is part of our broader commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency, aimed at exceeding the expectations of our eco-conscious customers and partners.

Reduced Environmental Impact
  • 90% Reduction in Styrofoam Use

We have significantly minimized our environmental footprint by reducing the use of Styrofoam by 90%. This transition not only cuts down on waste but also aligns with global efforts to reduce plastic pollution.

  • Lower CO2 Emissions

Cardboard packaging leads to a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions compared to Styrofoam:

  • 1.16kg CO2 / 1kg Styrofoam
  • 0.94kg CO2 / 1kg cardboard

By opting for cardboard, we are actively contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 10% Freight Cost Reduction

The smaller dimensions of cardboard packaging mean more efficient transportation. This efficiency translates into a 10% reduction in freight costs, further reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Enhanced Waste Management

Recyclability of Cardboard:

One of the key advantages of cardboard packaging is its recyclability. Unlike Styrofoam, cardboard can be easily and efficiently recycled, promoting better waste management practices and supporting a circular economy.

Improved RapiScreen™ Products:

Our commitment to safety and sustainability extends to our product formulations. The new and safer formulation of RapiScreen products eliminates the need for GHS labeling requirements, reducing concerns about hazardous materials in facilities. This change ensures a safer environment for our customers and their employees.

We are continuously investigating the environmental impact of our materials to provide greater transparency and drive further improvements in our sustainable practices. Our journey towards sustainability is not just a corporate goal; it's a promise to our planet and future generations.

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives or improved RapiScreen products, please contact us today.

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