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Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

At Hygiena®, we have grown to embrace a One Health Diagnostics™ ethos and are now one of the few organizations in the world to uniquely focus on food safety throughout the value chain. Our molecular rapid tests and analysis tools for veterinary diagnostics, food safety, and hygiene monitoring help prevent illness, save lives, and contribute to making the world a safer place. By protecting one, we protect all - both animals and humans alike. After all, healthy animals lead to healthy food and, ultimately, a healthier planet.


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To support our mission of creating innovative diagnostics for a healthier world, we strongly believe that we have to work together across the industry to achieve this, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure global food supply. As such, we encourage our team members to be active in the food safety and animal health communities. We achieve this by engaging with colleges and universities, professional organizations, and sharing our knowledge to protect the global food supply. 


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Hygiena invests time, resources, and funding for graduate student research projects to support the upcoming generation of food safety and animal health leaders.  We partner with several colleges and universities and sponsor a variety of research programs spanning a number of technologies and the entire farm-to-fork food safety landscape.

Our work aligns with the UN Sustainability Goals, tackling crucial issues like food security, ocean sustainability, clean water, and healthy land. With our underlying commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the environment and governance, we aim to lead the way in our industry towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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