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Food Safety

SureTrend® Software Update

Driven by insights from the SureTrend community, our team has been hard at work on new capabilities that simplify workflows, provide greater visibility and help users to make better data-driven decisions. 

Below you'll discover a showcase of continuous enhancements that we add to SureTrend monthly. We encourage you to bookmark this page and visit often to stay updated on the latest ways SureTrend is advancing each month.

March 2024

New Feature - Visual Inspection

Elevate your quality control process with the new Visual Inspection feature. Now available for ATP testing on EnSURE Touch and SureTrend, this option allows for detailed review and management of testing areas, ensuring precision in your quality assessments.

New Feature - Custom Reports for External Data

In the “Reports” tab, you can now build custom reports with all filters and options for the external data.  

Direct Access to User Management

Informational icons now link directly to Hygiena's help pages for quick assistance, and the "Report Type" in scheduled reports accurately reflects its source for clearer understanding.


February 2024


Users can now can now perform Quant analysis directly on data automatically uploaded from your BAX Q7 or manually through our platform.

Enhanced User Interface

The User Management window now features an improved tab sequence for easier navigation, streamlining the process of adding or editing users. 

Reporting Enhancements

Reporting for retests has been optimized, and all new locations are tracked in the Audit report for improved traceability. The transition to SendGrid for email reports ensures enhanced performance and reliability. 

User Support and Guidance

Informational icons now link directly to Hygiena's help pages for quick assistance, and the "Report Type" in scheduled reports accurately reflects its source for clearer understanding. 

Flexible External Data Management

Account owners can delete all results from a specific file for better control over data, and results from external data are easily viewable and manageable through the 'File View' feature. 

Searchable Results Grid

Enhanced searchability across all columns in the results grid enables users to quickly locate the specific data they need, ensuring efficient data analysis and review. 


January 2024

External Data Upload

Users can effortlessly import CSV data with auto-detection and selection of ',' or ';' separators based on their language preferences, ensuring a hassle-free data integration process. 

Audit Trail

Strengthened activity tracking including detailed sign-in/out logs, plan adjustments, instrument login activities, and modifications in report setups and account details. Admins gain elevated oversight with access to PCR results in Audit reports, enhancing security and compliance management. 

Emailed Reports

Resolved an issue ensuring that email report options are updated accurately when dealing with external data. This fix enhances the reliability of report customization and distribution. 

Other Performance Improvements

PCR Instrument Registration Fix

Addressed a critical bug affecting the registration of PCR instruments, ensuring a smoother setup process and reliable instrument integration into the SureTrend system.

We've made several UI/UX improvements to ensure SureTrend runs smoother and faster. 


December 2023

PCR Data Management

Automate assay and location population directly from PCR results, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your PCR data analysis. 

Extended Audit History

Track and verify data changes with ease, thanks to the extended 12-month audit history, crucial for maintaining compliance records

Streamlined Reporting Experience

Enjoy enhanced reporting with improved checkbox functionality and instant access to customized reports, making decision-making faster and more precise.

Upload High-Resolution Images

Now upload location images up to 5 MB for detailed mapping and more accurate analysis.


November 2023

Custom Reports

Our commitment to a better user experience continues with the latest updates to Custom Reports. Enjoy enhanced stability and a more intuitive interface for seamless report management.

Upgrade Options

Ready to unlock more features? Upgrading is now a breeze by clicking the 'Upgrade' button in the navigation bar. Check out what our Power and Premium tiers offer here

New Login Page

Discover a more streamlined login experience, now featuring the latest news and useful information at your login. Login now!


October 2023

BioChek Integration

BioChek customers will be able to enjoy automatic analysis of PCR results after automated onboarding.

Improved Audit Report

Elevate your governance and transparency with our improved audit report. Admin users can now track user changes, while a direct link within each result offers instant access to associated audit reports. Note: These features are exclusive to Premium tier accounts. Upgrade today for enhanced oversight.


September 2023

External Data Management 

We've optimized SureTrend's external data features to enhance reliability and user experience. Enjoy seamless data import validation, alphabetical sorting in summary reports, improved report filtering, and intuitive error messages for common import issues. 

Enhanced EnSURE Touch Support 

Our latest update brings significant improvements to EnSURE Touch device integration within SureTrend. From calibration checks to device registration and streamlined data syncing, managing your EnSURE Touch instruments has never been more efficient or user-friendly. 

Audit Changes to Locations and Sites 

Unlock the power of oversight with our newly launched Audit Reports. Now exclusively available to Premium tier account owners, this feature enables you to track changes to account and login history in all locations. 


August 2023

Advanced External Data Reporting

SureTrend now tailors external data reports to your specific site settings, spanning both Qualitative and Summary types. With detailed filtering options and organized views, you can make more informed decisions from any data sources.

Faster Browsing Experience

With our new Content Delivery Network (CDN), you'll enjoy a 95% faster loading speed for static content. Thanks to 150 hosting centers globally, content is served from the closest server to you, ensuring a smoother and quicker browsing experience.

EnSURE Touch Calibration Check

The new feature shows the calibration status of your EnSURE Touch devices, ensuring your instruments are always ready for precise and accurate readings.

Externally Sourced Data Analysis

Streamline your externally sourced data import process with improved validation checks, automated enabling of imported data and clearer step labels. Our new design includes a "Sample Location" column for easier data organization and the ability to auto-create assays and locations from your data. Plus, view "Uploaded On" times in local time and check out our updated notes for Result Value. Admins will love the enhanced control with the new "Lot Number" field and history access for External Data imports.

SureTrend Alerts

Maximize your alert efficiency with our recent upgrades. Alerts are now better tailored to user access, ensuring site-specific notifications for greater relevancy. Plus, we've put in safeguards against duplicate alert creation, increasing your system's clarity and organization.

Emailed Reports

Now you can schedule and manage emailed reports via the user preference view. Managers can handle scheduled email reports for multiple users from a single, centralized view.

Environmental Maps

We've revamped the user interface for our MicroSnap app, providing comprehensive support for all MicroSnap products. The new update simplifies sample setup and data interpretation, enhancing your user experience and making it easier to understand and analyze your MicroSnap test data.

EnSURE Touch Calibration Check

Our updated Calibration Check interface provides a more intuitive experience. Now you can easily add and remove notes, customize your preferences and understand your calibration intervals better.


Other Performance Improvements

User Management: Expanded options for managing users across multiple sites, ensuring better control for both Starter and Power accounts. Plus, now you can add industry/segment/role to user accounts for improved organization.  


June 2023 

Import Non-Hygiena Data

With the latest update to SureTrend, you can now import and map any data directly into the platform. This feature lets you centralize your food quality and safety data, enabling comprehensive analysis and insights.

Email Reports

Now, getting hold of your favorite reports is just a click away. Automate FSQ data communication and enhance program management across your organization by having reports delivered straight to your inbox.

Alert Management

Stay informed with alert management. Set up email alerts for your system to keep track of daily tasks like swabbing locations, and critical FSQ data, including failed tests and deviations.

MicroSnap® In-App Update

We've revamped the user interface for our MicroSnap app, providing comprehensive support for all MicroSnap products. The new update simplifies sample setup and data interpretation, enhancing your user experience and making it easier to understand and analyze your MicroSnap test data.


Explore Additional Learning Opportunities

Whether you're just starting with SureTrend or seeking to tap into its full potential, check out the links below for insightful training and learning opportunities that will propel your food safety data analytics to the next level:

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